Organiser of the Melbourne Invasion Day rally Tarneen Onus-Williams has been widely condemned for comments on Australia Day where she said “F**k Australia, hope it f***ing burns to the ground”. She did not apologize for them and the group she was representing on the day the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) doubled down with a statement which basically said f**k everything about Australia.

There are now calls for Onus-Williams to be sacked from the taxpayer funded Koorie Youth Council. Some are demanding that the Koorie Youth Council who did promote the Invasion Day protest to be stripped of taxpayer funds entirely.

While one would expect an organisation that calls itself WAR to condone language that is an incitement to violence and terrorism. However one would also expect the mainstream left to distance themselves from her extremist remarks.

Of course you would be wrong as she has been defended by several Greens politicians, Clementine Ford, Benjamin Law and former Labor Senator Nova Peris. On Twitter the hashtag #IStandWithTarneen has been trending. They are claiming criticizing her violent language is both racist and misogynistic and we are attempting to ‘silence’ the voices of black women.

So no matter how extreme her language was we are never allowed to use our own free speech to criticise her? Are we also not allowed to make the point if she wants Australia burnt to the ground why is she happy to be part of an organization that takes Australian taxpayers’ dollars?

Onus-Williams has also tried to play the victim claiming she has been “overwhelmed” by the backlash against her remarks and it was proof of “how much racism and white supremacy has come out over my comment”. It’s not white supremacy to not appreciate someone hoping your nation burns to the ground.

If Onus-Williams and her defenders are worried about the voices of black women being silenced have they taken note of threats, lies and abuse Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price has faced? This is because she doesn’t toe the leftist line on indigenous issues and headed the Save Australia Day campaign. It should also be noted that Jacinta Price has been nothing but pleasant in her public remarks, unlike Onus-Williams.

It has been pointed out what would be the backlash be if a conservative made such remarks? Imagine if in the marriage debate a no campaigner said in public “God hates fags and I hope they all burn in hell”? There would be calls for them to be prosecuted for hate speech and inciting violence. There is has been no talk of Onus-Williams being charged with such offenses for her remarks even though one could make the case for charging her.

One is left to wonder if the mainstream left is still defending Onus-Williams after making such inflammatory remarks imagine what other language and actions they are willing to defend and would they ever call out extremism on their own side?


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