Covid Talk South By South West in Austin


Every year South By South West is held in Austin, it’s a big tech festival with lectures, speeches, events, parties, bands, music, and independent movies. The towns packed. On its opening night, I hit the main street to see what Americans thought about covid. Due to the festival of course there were many foreigners but from the Covid Quiz video we can get an idea of what Americans think.

Although we have to factor in the age of the individuals and the location as Austin is known as being the most leftist place in Texas and South By South West is known as a leftist tech festival. After flicking through some of the speakers and talks that were on at this year’s event, I do agree that it has a definite leftist theme like big tech in general which swings to the left.

Although it was great to see Dr Peter McCullough questioning covid there. I think there were a few talks by and/or about transgenders. There were some talks on climate change. There was also a talk about how to handle fake news (of course promoted and presented by a major mainstream media organsation like CNN I think). So when hearing the results of people’s opinions about covid we have to factor in that this survey (which we could call it) is actually not balanced. This is a skewed poll.

There were many drunk people who didn’t seem to be taking it seriously, so their answeres were silly. But overall the results of this quiz is that 1. Many thought covid was over(funny since in communist countries we are still getting attacked by it) 2. Many thought it should have been over by now 3. Many thought it was a serious virus and that many people are not taking it seriously enough 4. Many thought it wasn’t a serious virus and that there should be no covid rules and 5. Many did think we should get the vaccination and were unaware of side effects and ineffectiveness of it. There was a clear lack of conspiratorial talk, which isn’t surprising due to the sample audience. And the final thing I noticed 6.

Was that the majority of people were what I call pro covid people. They were believers in it and they believed that we need to do something about it, which disappointed me. I wonder if we put these people through 6 lockdowns if they would still be pro covid? You have to factor in that these spoilt Americans with their freedoms protected by the constitution and local police actually only experienced one lockdown and that that lockdown was half the length of Melbourne’s and wasn’t as strict. That experience would leave the youth feeling ok in regards to the word of ‘covid’ as it was like one extra holiday or something in 2020.

I noticed Melbournians kept becoming more anti covid and awake to the communist agenda as the length and number of lockdowns increased. And one final thing id like to say: I noticed that the youth are afraid to say things their friends don’t believe in. The peer pressure of group thought leads many to go along with the group even if they don’t believe in that group thought. This is actually what causes fashion trends, which covid really is. No one wants to be a weirdo so this peer pressure leads people to wear masks, get vaccinated, and not voice their real opinions to people on the street.

After thinking about it, I reckon the majority of people were definitely pro-covid people, but there was still a large chunk maybe 35% who were anti covid. As of March 2022 Pro Covid: 1 point. Anti Covid: 0. For now. Maybe another location and time will bring another result. P.S results of the polling will not affect the NWO’s plans to do future lockdowns or not.

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