Women’s March Numbers Mean Nothing, Trump Still Won


The mainstream media is currently glowingly reporting on the amount of people who showed up in Washington D.C. and other cities around the world in women’s marches against Trump’s inauguration as President. They also enjoyed reporting that the numbers of people who turned up to support Trump’s inauguration on Friday were down on those who attended Obama’s and those marching in the protests. The media can report these attendance numbers all they want but it doesn’t change a thing, Trump is still President and he won the election fair and square.

Before the election, Hillary and her supporters were claiming that the outcome of the election should be respected and the country should come together. But that of course was only if they won, and since Trump’s victory there have already been numerous protests and riots with the chants ‘Not my President’, with complementary hashtags of course. The ‘Women’s March’ as they called it was the most organised one so far which explains the large attendance.

The rallies were attended by numerous celebrities such as Michael Moore, Alicia Keys and Madonna. It is staggering that these celebrities after their failed effort to elect Hillary still do not realize that ordinary people do not care what they think. Madonna’s profanity ridden speech was the most outrageous stating ‘I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House’. She may be investigated for this remark by the Secret Service as it is can be interpreted as an incitement to terrorism.

They can brag about how many people attended their rallies and how many of them there were around the world, including those here in Australia in Melbourne and Sydney, but rallies do not decide who is President of the United States, elections do. The United States held a free and fair election with universal suffrage on 8th November 2016 with the winner of the Electoral College, which has been in a place since the United States founding, elected President.

Donald Trump won the electoral college and is the legitimate President of United States. Yes, these protesters have the right to peacefully protest their dislike of the new President, but their protests are not representative of ordinary American people. The numbers at these rallies should not be reported on by the mainstream media as a large backlash against President Trump, we should remember these were the same people telling us that Hillary was certain to become President.

It was called the women’s march because of Trump’s alleged disrespect towards women. Even though he has appointed numerous women in his administration, he had a female campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, in business has employed numerous women to senior positions and picked female winners in his reality TV show The Apprentice. These feminists’ main complaint about Trump is that he seems to be attracted to beautiful woman which most heterosexual men are.

The women at these rallies claim to be speaking for women yet 53% of white women at the election voted for Trump. For all their claims about women’s rights being taken away it is not exactly clear what rights they mean. If they are talking about abortion that is not a woman’s rights issue but a right to life issue and many women are pro-life. If they are talking about the right to free things from the government for women that is also not a right, are these feminist activists saying that women are so helpless they need the government for everything?

These feminists should consider Trump to actually be good for women as he wants to stop the spread of radical Islamism which is entrenched in misogyny. He also wants to protect women from sexual assault by deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of assaulting women. But of course, that is a too logical argument for the left to be persuaded by.

So have your march, but it should not have any influence on government policy or seen as representative of the people. Donald Trump won the election, he has a mandate to implement the policies he announced during the election campaign. Marching in the streets should not get you an extra vote, the silent majority of Americans elected Donald Trump and it is their voice he will listen too.

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