Secret Service may investigate Madonna for making threats towards President


Source: NBC News

The Secret Service may investigate Madonna for making threats against the President during a women’s march in Washington, sources claim. The liberal singer expressed her desire to participate in “blowing up the White House” simply because she is unable to grasp the reality of Trump’s election. The liberal left-wing celebrities and their minions have been very expressive on that note, with several riots and anti-Trump protests taking place in America and around the world.

Gateway Pundit reported it was told by a spokesman for the Secret Service that the organisation “is aware” of her comments and “an investigation would be opened”. It also said that the ultimate decision would come from the U.S. Attorney’s office.

It comes at no surprise that the Secret Service has been prompted to investigate a public figure for such hateful and dangerous language. Starting off her speech by welcoming the audience to a “revolution of love”, Madonna stated “Yes, I am angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”. She also said, “We cannot fall into despair. As the poet W. H. Auden once wrote on the eve of World War Two, ‘We must love one another or die’. I choose love. Are you with me?”. It seems love is the same thing as “blowing up the White House”.

Many people may dismiss Madonna’s claims as simply words spoken by a depressed left-wing lady, and would thus criticise the Secret Service’s decision. However, it has to be emphasised that Madonna’s desire to do physical damage is not the only problem. Given that words spoken by public figures greatly influence the common population, Madonna’s words can be interpreted as justification, or even encouragement, of the riots carried out by hundreds of people.

While most rioters are to be arrested for damaging property and causing unrest, Madonna’s irrational words can still pose a danger to society because it can be seen as inciting violence. So yes, the Secret Service is justified in its decision to investigate the singer as free speech does not warrant the incitement of violence.

In regards to the rest of her speech, Madonna continued to flaunt her ignorance by saying Trump’s election would only result in a “new age of tyranny”. Even if Trump’s election did herald a new age of tyranny, wouldn’t she find that a bit more preferable than Hillary’s desire for a nuclear war?

But of course, when she means tyranny she’s only referring to the patriarchy. After all, Trump is sexist and misogynistic through the eyes of the left. She would obviously prefer the defeated candidate who accepted money from countries that persecuted women over the candidate who came under false sexual harassment allegations.

But Madonna did what she did and what little she can do. Her inability to appreciate the beauty and benefits of traditional gender roles has resulted in her failure to accept the fact that a man is now President, again. This is obviously much more traumatising than seeing her country and its society deteriorate through cultural Marxism, a fate which can now be avoided thanks to President Donald Trump.

Madonna’s words and actions are but a stark reminder of the current trend of violent and regressive feminism taking hold of women, and some men, in the West. Life’s insecurities, along with a self-imposed inferiority complex, has resulted in our women preferring the “Nasty Woman” feminist trend over beauty, grace, and respect. And now, public figures like Madonna have implied their support for violence simply because they are distressed at the widespread presence of patriarchal right-wing voters they were so eager to eliminate. This is why the West is in decline. This is why the right is getting stronger. And this is why Donald Trump was elected.

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