Proud boys were jailed after being attacked by antifa

Two members of the Proud Boys group in New York have been jailed for four years after defending themselves against a mob of masked Antifa thugs. Why did men who were clearly fighting back against an unprovoked attack cop such an absurdly disproportionate penalty?

Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were convicted on charges relating to a fight that broke out after a mob of black-masked Antifa attacked a group of Proud Boys leaving a speech by the Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes at New York’s Metropolitan Republican club in October last year.

The far-left extremists had earlier that night gathered in a crowd opposite the club, waving placards and chanting “more dead Nazis”. After the speech, the Proud Boys left the building as a group and were accosted a few streets away by the mob of black-masked extremists who shouted threats and threw bottles.

The Proud Boys then counterattacked, chasing the privileged middle-class brats down the street and stopping to introduce a couple of slower ones to the consequences of throwing bottles at people when you don’t have a line of police to protect you.

The anarchists’ friends in the media immediately began a campaign to identify the Proud Boys who, unlike their opponents, had not been wearing masks. Because this is New York in the 21st century, there was ample CCTV coverage and after the media establishment put pressure on the local political establishment, the fate of the Proud Boys was sealed.

Judge Mark Dwyer said that he was imposing the lengthy sentences in order to deter people from engaging in “political street brawls”. Due to the fact that their Antifa attackers were wearing masks, the assailants of the Proud Boys have not been charged or even identified.

In order to avoid possible arrest themselves for what was clearly an unprovoked attack, most of the cowardly Antifa anarchists have refused to come forward and give evidence against the Proud Boys. This complete lack of testimony from the “victims” did not stop the police, prosecutors and judiciary from charging, convicting and jailing the two Proud Boys anyway.

These convictions and the heavy sentences associated are political punishment for a political crime. There have been hundreds of acts of violence and harassment by far-left extremists against Trump supporters over the last few years and none of them have received the disproportionate punishment that these two men did.

Anarchist university professor Eric Clanton famously received only three years’ probation after being convicted of attacking at least seven people with a metal bike lock during a Free Speech rally at the University of Berkeley. Clanton left many of his victims bleeding on the ground, one needing five staples in his head. When the case came to trial, the four felony charges against him were dropped by prosecutors and he walked free from court that same day.

Can you even imagine the punishment if Proud Boys had done the same at an anarchist event? If a group of Proud Boys or any other non-leftists had shown up at a left-wing event in New York that night, had confronted attendees afterwards and had their arses kicked?

The media, police and judiciary wouldn’t just have turned a blind eye, many would have openly applauded. Yet the reverse sees two good men, one a father to a mixed-race family of four, going to jail for defending themselves from masked extremists who believe everyone to the right of Joe Biden is a “Nazi” who needs to be physically prevented from holding meetings by means of mob violence.

The injustice is astounding. If the Proud Boys start a fund for the victims of this judicial travesty, I for one will be donating to help support them and their families. I advise all those reading this to do the same.

This case has shown, more obviously and blatantly than any other, just how much the establishment has rigged the scales in favour of leftist violence to keep dissident opinions in check. The plight of these blameless men deserves to become a cause on the right and hopefully it will.

Why has such a disparity become the norm? Why can the privileged thugs attack who they like in the middle of the street with so little punishment?

In an Australian context, readers simply need to remind themselves that when former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was headbutted in the middle of the street by an anarchist thug, across Australia, journalists, lawyers, and academics celebrated. When his gay sister was attacked by a Socialist Alternative-led mob in Sydney, the press didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

When Australia’s most prominent right-of-centre columnist Andrew Bolt was attacked in broad daylight on one of Melbourne’s most celebrated streets by black-masked thugs, many of those same scribblers, squawkers and preachers found it difficult to disguise their glee.

Across the modern West, the street violence of the left is indulged in a fashion that would never be excused on the right because the establishment believes the former is done in a good cause. High spirits, perhaps. A little excessive, maybe. But nothing to be too concerned about. In contrast, right-wingers defending themselves against leftist thugs is unacceptable, tantamount to hate crime.

Every day, we inch closer to the end of the charade. Every day, we come closer to the left simply banning opinions they disagree with. After all, if they are now going to jail people simply for fighting back when they attack them, how far away can they be?

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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