Why is Bill Shorten backing Australia Day? Because the Left is losing


There has been wide anguish amongst far left circles online at the decision of federal Labor leader and probable next Prime Minister Bill Shorten to wholeheartedly back January 26th as the date of Australia day. Not only that Shorten went further and declared that he would not change it should he win power in this year’s election.

“It will remain on the 26th of January,” Mr Shorten declared on Wednesday. “Having a national day is a good idea.”

The wails from the left were delicious and perhaps understandable. They screamed in anguish from their inner city suburban redoubts, wondering why a Labor leader who had already promised to try and push for a republic and for special constitutional rights for anyone capable of claiming Aboriginal descent would draw the line here?

Why would a man who clearly hates the heritage of Australia as much as they do seek to preserve a celebration of it?

The answer is simple.

Not one of the polls that have come out in the lead up to Australia day this year show any shift in public opinion, and that opinion is overwhelmingly in one direction. Australians, real Australians that is not Australia-loathing Greens voters, quite like Australia day.

As reported in The Unshackled one poll had the proportion of the population supporting the current date as high as 75%. Another poll released this week had support at 71% even amongst Labor voters.

Shorten is supporting Australia day firstly because he’s a politician and secondly because he’s not a moron. He has watched the left faction of the Liberal party tear the government to shreds over the last few years to the point of almost handing him the keys to the Lodge and isn’t stupid enough to risk that by taking a stand on an issue contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of his own voting base.

Many more extreme leftists don’t understand this. The upper middle class far left bourgeois bohemian hipster set in this country can’t get their mind around the idea that most of the people in Australia are actually quite proud of being Australians (87%) and think our nation has a history worth taking pride in (76%).

The far left doesn’t get this. Large sections of the ALP don’t get it either.

And that’s because the far left in Australia hates Australia. There are very few issues that unite them more. They despise our country, the people who created it, the soldiers who defended it and the farmers, miners, pioneers and convicts who carved a first world country out of a forbidding wilderness, not uncommonly while under violent attack by the indigenous people the left now lionise.

One of the best examples of just how deep this hate runs is in the words of Tom Bramble, a retired professor who for decades taught future Industrial relations lawyers at UQ. Bramble amazingly enough is also an organiser and activist for the revolutionary Marxist group Socialist Alternative and notably wrote in the SAlt magazine about how the very sight of the Australian flag makes him want to vomit.

Tom Bramble. Academic. Socialist Alternative National Executive member. Our flag makes him want to vomit.

Imagine seeing the flag of our nation and feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to puke. Imagine the twisted, brainwashed and perverted mind that would take. Imagine spending your life as Bramble has trying to poison other minds so that they can be just as sick as your own.

This is the attitude that our higher education system has indoctrinated into what is now generations of middle class greens voters. They will never understand why the majority of the population loves our country because they see nothing to love. They have been told that the only real virtue is to spit on the memory of their ancestors that created the world we live in and to make public toilets of their graves.

Many left wing commentators such as Waleed Aly have voiced the opinion that the left will win this argument eventually. That the stupidity of the Bogan, red necked white trash who wave our flag and love our nation will be eventually washed away through the left wing dominated education system. But if it hasn’t happened over the last 20 years of indoctrination it seems unlikely in the extreme that another 20 years would do much more. Australians quite like Australia, It’s something the far-Left will never understand.

The far-Left is losing this battle. They may win many more, they may ultimately destroy everything of value in our nation altogether. But for now they’re losing. Bill Shorten can see it, the editors of major left wing media outlets can see it (although they don’t like it). The culture of the Australian nation is (at least for now) simply too strong to be crushed.
So listen to the self-hating socialist scumbags squeal, and know that they know that you know they’re losing.

Take their pain, take their anguish and make it into sauce for your lightly scorched snags. Because there really is no better condiment than an Australia-hating leftist’s tears.

Have a happy Australia Day.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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