Victoria’s Crime Wave Spikes Up Again


The state of Victoria has been besieged by a summer of high profile violent crimes committed by young men described as being of African in appearance. African Youth Gang Crime had been a problem that had brewing in Melbourne’s suburbs for many years but the number of crimes this past summer saw the issue enter the national political discussion.

The left seeing their multicultural utopia crumble before their eyes continued with their denial there was a crime crisis, mocking those who expressed concern about community safety and labelled those who proposed solutions as racist. The response from the Andrews Government was just as bad whose only response was to form an African-Australian community taskforce to work with police and provide advice on potential hotspots. We later learned of those on the taskforce links to the Labor Party.

Then of course African community leaders and leftist activists claimed that African youths were the real victims who were being subjected to racial prejudice. We saw a Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne and a community service announcement aired telling us to be nice to African school children.

In February it look as if the crime wave was dying down, the leftist media were probably just about to pen their articles claiming we’d all been swept up in xenophobic hysteria. But unfortunately for all of us Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave returned starting last weekend with a number of armed robberies and home invasions by youths described as being of African in appearance.

At 1am on Monday morning four African men broke into a home in Taylor’s Hill armed with baseball bats and crow bars. They bashed two men who had to be taken to hospital and stole a car and a mobile phone. The next day a young mother was held at knifepoint at a her home in Albion at 1.3oam by masked African males, a neighbouring home was also ransacked.

Groups described as African in appearance caused a disturbance at a McDonalds in Officer on Saturday night and ended up being chased by police. They were part of larger group of mixed appearance that gatecrashed a party in neighbouring Pakenham.

Also that night another African group used scissors to hold up a JB Hi Fi in Springvale and stole a pair of headphones. On Tuesday a McDonalds was attacked in Essendon by another African gang with the premises smashed and cash, cards and mobile phones stolen. So far a 12 year old boy has been arrested in relation to some of the crimes.

Last week an African brother and sister were charged over the brutal bashing of two female police officers in South Morang. On Tuesday morning a gun was held to a university student’s head in an attempted car jacking by three masked men in Burwood East, two of the men were described as having a dark completion.

The spike in African gang crime incidents led 3AW’s Neil Mitchell to declare on air yesterday that the crime wave was back. Victoria Police have claimed that the recent spate of attacks are being perpetrated by “core group” of offenders who they are confident in tracking down.

Victoria Police have been dealing with a crisis of their own with Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin who was in charge of overseeing the force’s professional standards resigning after being revealed as a serial internet troll.

It is clear from this recent spike in African youth gang crime the problem isn’t going to magically blow over. The Andrews Government yesterday announced new laws to crack down on murderers and serious violent offenders, even after they have served their prison sentences but these would have little effect in dealing with youth offenders who are constantly bailed, given community orders and housed in easy going youth detention. Nothing but a complete overhaul of the state’s young justice system will begin to see safety return to Melbourne’s suburbs.

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