Revelations have emerged that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull implemented measures in order to ensure that both his Point Piper home and his other Sydney based residence — Kirribilli House, were connected to the National Broadband Network, following the intervention of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. The nine-month delay which has prevented other Australian residents from connecting to the NBN, has effectively been circumvented by these measures, after scheduled delays affecting everyday customers were announced in November. Australian taxpayers will now foot the bill for the connections, with both residences connected to the 100mbps connection — the fastest available connection for NBN customers.

These revelations are just the latest display of arrogance and entitlement from an increasingly out of touch Prime Minister, who has put on full public display the complete lack of regard which he has for everyday Australians running small businesses and maintaining households without the luxury of high speed internet connections. Prime Minister Turnbull, who had originally opposed the construction of the NBN whilst in opposition as the Shadow Minister for Communications, now looks set to enjoy the luxuries of a technology which many Australians are unable to access. With the Labor Party overrun by the corruption and cronyism of the union movement, and the Liberal Party increasingly disregarding its base, it may well be time for Australian voters to begin considering other options outside of the two major parties. Our future depends on it.

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