Vic Greens leader marched with Antifa extremists at St Kilda. Why no media outrage?


Last Saturday the leader of the Victorian Greens Samantha Ratnam, Greens MP for Brunswick Tim Read and Greens candidate for Macnamara Steph Hodgins-May attended the St Kilda Antifa rally. Prominent members of a supposedly mainstream Australian political party attended an event organised by arguably the most radical and violent far left extremist groups active in Australia today.

And the result has been total media silence.

Greens MP Tim Read, Greens activist Steph Hodgins-May and Greens Victoria leader Samantha Ratnam

As readers of The Unshackled would know the “Antifa” rally on the St Kilda foreshore was a failed attempt to shut down and drown out a meeting organised to discuss the issue of African crime gangs (an issue Victoria Police has finally and reluctantly admitted does in fact exist). The rally was originally called by Sue Munro, a far left extremist who has years of well documented involvement in Marxist groups. Attending with Sue was her friend and fellow left wing extremist David Hollis, a man who in 1991 went on a deranged violent rampage stabbing 7 people including 59 year old Lousik Kordi who later died of her wounds.

Sue was backed to the hilt by the “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” (CARF) a front group for Socialist Alternative; the largest, best organised and most violent political extremist group active in Australia today. The stated aim of Socialist Alternative (like all Trotskyist groups) is to violently overthrow the government so as to implement a totalitarian communist state. Not exactly happy-clappy moderates you might say.

Sue Munro. Marxist, activist, hair dye aficionado.

The left wing extremists congregated under a flag bearing the “Antifa” logo. This logo primarily consists of a red flag representing Communism and a Black flag representing Anarchism, thus symbolising the alliance between those two ideologies whose adherents around the world make up the majority of “Antifa” foot soldiers. And speaking of Anarchists they were also in attendance, with Kieran Bennett of the “Collective Action” group, “Slackbastard” the Anarchist organiser of the blog of the same name as well as members of the International Workers of the World (the oldest left wing extremist group in Australia) amongst the crowd.

The red flag of Communism. The black flag of Anarchism. When they’re not trying to kill each other they combine to try and kill you.

The Victorian leader, a lower house MP and a rising star candidate of the Greens all proudly attended a rally held by people whose stated aim is to violently overthrow the government and the media didn’t think it was newsworthy.

Contrast the treatment of Senator Fraser Anning, whose main policy proposal is that Australia should return to a rather milder, toned down form of the same immigration program our country had between federation and 1973. There is not a single media organisation that has not denounced him, smeared him and declared him beyond the pale. Some of the interviews on commercial television have been a disgrace. The interviewers could have achieved the same effect by simply screaming at the Senator with furious, demented and spittle flecked hatred for three minutes.

The Antifa banner. The red and black flags of violent extremism had some Green marching under them last Saturday.

Yet the Greens are free to associate with people who hate Australia so much that some like long time Socialist Alternative activist Tom Bramble declare that the very sight of our national flag makes him want to vomit.

Tom Bramble. Socialist Alternative theorist, organiser and former lecturer in Industrial Relations at the University of Queensland. Famously declared that every time he sees the Australian flag he wants to puke.

As part of a trend with an upper house MP from the NSW Greens quitting in disgust declaring that the party has been infiltrated by Marxists and the exclusion of former leader and one time radical Bob Brown from party deliberations for being “too moderate” one would think members of Australia’s third largest political party openly marching under the banner of people who want to destroy the concept of Australia itself would be newsworthy, perhaps even cause for alarm.

But from out fearless journalists? Our valiant fourth estate? Nothing. Nada. Not a pickle.

Once upon a time such negligence could be explained away as mere laziness or incompetence. After last weekend and the furious witch hunt against Senator Fraser Anning that case can no longer be made.

A large majority of Australian journalists are actively helping to cover up left wing extremism because it suits their personal political views.

It’s up to all of us to call them out on it.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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