The totalitarian creep is increasing, do you really think it’s gonna stop without some kind of serious pushback? 

I think just straight up: it’s utterly outrageous the government is forcing this medical tyranny upon us, to make our health decisions for us – with no consultation or consent. 

We are essentially being medically raped by our own government! “We are gonna Jab ya!” This has never happened before in Western countries in our history, in the modern era. And we have faced far more deadly diseases than Covid! This straight-up tells you the real purpose of all this is not our health and well-being.

If you have any kind of reasoning brain to see it, it’s a bad concentration of power and totalitarianism, in the style of the Chinese Communist Party type. It’s a social control and monitoring system at its heart, but in and over the formerly free West! 

The West (Old Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Australia) is the beacon and main home of human liberty, justice, progress and forward-thinking on this planet. Once that light is extinguished, as it seems to now to be being attempted, the world, the globe itself, is enslaved, potentially forever. 

So that’s how serious this all is! It’s certainly not worth tolerating over a disease 99.96% of people survive without a vaccine. You really have to stop and think a minute, what’s going on here? 

For, example, Curfews? Does Covid come out more at night? What nonsense! – so the curfew is for other reasons: Authoritarian and totalitarian. Dan Andrews is hated for a reason. He enjoys the power trip, the power grip.

Once you see all this. Then you must resist in some way, even just in what you post online, human freedom is at stake! Our ancestors fought hundreds of wars to get us what little Freedom we have now, or had until very recently! –  as it’s Fading fast. I mean what would the Anzacs have said?

The following is a rant I wrote online the Night Dan Andrews brought the much-hated curfew back and has a certain rebellious spirit, so I thought I’d share it:

Melbourne Tonight: a Police and Totalitarian State resembling North Korea. 500 Cops out in force, many on horseback, a full display of Power and Hubris in the CBD from Andrews. The city is completely empty, like The Omega Man. All protecting the Great Leader of VicDanistan on Spring Street, Dan Andrews who is busy Communising this once great city for the Great Reset and the Chinese Communist Party.

The curfew is back folks! Did you miss it? Just like in prison you and six Million other people are locked in your cell from 9pm to 5am, over a virus little worse than a Bad Flu, that 99.96% plus survive without a vaccine. But this “threat” is hysteria-ized daily in Media by announcing asymptomatic positive cases from the small pool of tested people, that hardly represents all of Melbourne, but is the ONLY pool for all of our stats that lock us up, and lock us down. 

This absurd and nonsensical fiasco is ruling over every single aspect of our daily lives by Special Powers, unheard of in Australia’s History, even in War Time. And you all know Andrews ain’t ever gonna give up these Special Powers, voluntarily and without a legal fight. You have a 1 in 15,000 chance of dying of Covid, many stats say. They are some very long odds to worry about, people! Is it worth ruining an entire state’s economy, small business, a city’s entire spirit, and morale over that! Over this? 

And Mask Mandates – QR Check Points EVERYWHERE you move – the quixotic Contact Tracing- all useless, all ineffective at stopping anything! But that’s our way of life now, we have no say – we have no voice. Parliament is closed down, no debate there. No debate in mainstream media, either, it has only one main message every single day for 18 Months – MASS FEAR and OBEY and GET VACCINATED. 

We will be in this possibly to nearly Christmas knowing Andrews and his notorious bullshit. It’s all really just an attempt to coerce vaccine uptake from people not really wanting it past the 50% figure. I’m so OVER the whole crisis in general, by now. Just Open Up! – we will take our chances! Suicide figures are off the charts and alcoholism, mental health and depression issues are par for the course in this rat trap. There is NO health advice that recommends a Nighttime curfew anywhere in the world for Covid 19. NO Nighttime curfew has ever been done anywhere in The World for Covid 19, except Melbourne! 

So, Lucky us. It’s Dan’s call and he’s gone Covid Special Powers mad! He must think we are all mugs, to try this deeply unpopular and divisive curfew, yet again. He doesn’t care, though. We are all just his playthings and he sees us as obedient subjects in his Kingdom, simpleton serfs in his fiefdom. 

“He is Sovereign who Declares The State of Emergency!” – philosopher Carl Schmitt once famously said in the 1930s. That’s HIM, that’s Our Dan! – he declares The State of Emergency that given him all these Powers – and he knows it. 

So, bow down and kiss the Ring, peasants! And Curfew began an hour ago – so, sound the Klaxons and ring the alarms, the Loudspeaker systems begin the chant, “Stay in your Homes, Stay in your Homes, Take the vaccine, Take the Vaccine, Go to sleep”. Forever. 

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