The JobKeeper Program: Is it Meant To Work This Bad?


Before the government even began giving money to businesses to compensate for covid lockdowns they dished out extra cash to the unemployed. A strange thing to do since these people are not affected by the lockdowns. They already had no job, so when the lockdown came in they just continued to have no job. There’s no need for them to receive this extra dole, then why did the government splurge extra cash on them?

It is businesses that need as much assistance as possible. They are the true victims of the lockdown. Them and the elderly who are locked up worse than prisoners in nursing homes. So the government should have spent as much money as was needed to support businesses through the Job Keeper Program, which they didn’t do, strange…

The payment for the Job Keeper Program of $750 a week to every business was ridiculous because each business has completely different costs.

You can have a window cleaner who has costs of a small phone bill and internet ads that amount to $50 a week. Then you can have a computer repair shop which has a rent of $550 a week plus some bills, then a pub which has completely different costs which could be up to $10,000 a week. So to just give them all $750 a week is completely unfair and means that some businesses can enjoy a sort of forced paid holiday while others can suffer into a forced huge debt or bankruptcy.

This disgraceful program has meant that many businesses for whom the $750 payment was not enough are either bankrupt and closed or up to their eyeballs in debt. There should have been a much better distribution of money so that people on the dole and those with businesses that have small operation costs didn’t benefit from covid and that businesses with large operating costs didn’t have their lives destroyed.

Any government worker who was apart of issuing these programs should have been able to realise these faults with the program from the start. These programs are so obviously faulty that it might be an intentional mistake.

Apparently struggling businesses have been issued government-backed loans. So they are in debt to the government and banks, so that means they have to do what these organisations tell them otherwise they will withdraw the loan and the business will go bankrupt. It’s predatory lending of sorts.

Perhaps the government wanted the program to fail so that they could then force many once private businesses to now are basically government-backed and in bed with them, thus follow the leftist government agendas. This all comes down to rainbow flags and forced vaccination in many businesses that would never have agreed to do such things in the past.

The economic crash caused by the severe response to coronavirus is intentional and wanted by our infiltrated government in order to take over our once free-market economy. Things don’t just happen by accident, people cause these things and then they get the public to think they were simply coincidences or accidents by incompetents. The world is far shiftier than you would think.

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