It’s too Late! The Train Has Left The Station- Covid, the Cabal and the Counter-Coup


NOTE: The following is merely an experiment in free thinking — exploring some of the worst outcomes we fear from the current events and the coercive medical procedures that are being implemented. The author, of course, hopes to be wrong about many of the hypotheses outlined here but thinks they are still worth exploring.


“It’s too late – the train has left the station” one of the top Globalists said in February or March 2020, I cant remember who. Was it Soros, Schwab, Gates, Fauci? But, regardless, the phrase has a certain kind of ominous overtone I have come to expect from a few of these characters. 

So, let’s get into some of the worst-case scenarios of what may or may not be happening right now: 

Eugenics? Contention: The vaccine serves a eugenic purpose.

Possibly. If this is the case, then the Centre Left and the New Left are actively engaged in poisoning all their own supporters. Trump supporters and smarter Right Wingers, by contrast, are much less likely to walk into this supposed trap, simply by avoiding the vax — they know a totalitarian move when they see one. But such a move will also get many Right-leaning people, as the Murdoch Media, here in Australia, is mostly pro-vaccine.

What the two mRNA vaccines do in the long term is still a mystery to us all. We all hope they are safe, of course, and maybe they are! But what if they aren’t? They already seem to have “killed off” our freedom of speech, because just asking these awkward questions gets you booted from YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. But, despite the risks of deplatforming, let’s run with this conjecture.

The way that “they” (= the Mainstream Media and our Politicians) are so desperate to get everyone to have the jab is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I mean how many times has the Media screamed about it in the last 18 months?!

At first, it was bribing people with donuts, takeaway food, lotteries, and other giveaways. But now we’ve moved on to coercive mandates and punitive lock downs to coerce people. They really, really, really want us to take this vaccine, don’t they? In fact, this appears to be the whole point of the entire covid operation. Has it been a globalist collaboration with China from the get go? Or, using Hollywood terminology, a “co-production”? It’s all very suspicious. At the very least, you have to question their extremely poor optics, as they have done an extremely poor job at allaying people’s suspicions.

Contention: The virus and the vaccines are bioweapons.

Let’s just come out and say it: Covid 19 may be a bioweapon. It most likely is, a mild one. But what if the main vaccines are worse bioweapons, with delayed side effects?! 

What would be the impact on the global stage? Well, with 60%+ hypothetically “infected” with the vaccine, America would or, at least, could collapse. It’s not only possible it’s likely. And what of the Chinese who would know exactly what the bioweapon is? (Yes, they didn’t design the vaccines as such, but since the vaccines are based on the virus, which hypothetically the Chinese did design, they kind of did.) 

If this is what they’re doing, then their plans must run very deep indeed, and they will know exactly what to do in reaction to it. Unless, of course, it has mutated beyond their control and wishes, like some sort of Frankenstein’s monster.

One thing we know is the Chinese Communist Party don’t mind losing a large part of their population, as the history of the 20th century clearly shows. 


Contention: We are in an undeclared war with China.

So, it may all be a very dangerous game, with the USA, the UK, Australia, and the West in general as the targets.

Hypothetically, of course. Remember, this is only a humble thought experiment.

Given how trepidatious we are forced to be discussing these possibilities, you have to wonder — yet again hypothetically — if Big Tech is in on the whole thing, as truth (or at least free speech) is usually the first casualty of war, and the war seems to be raging around us already going by the hit freedom of expression has taken.

If the virus and the vaccines are part of a delayed-reaction bioweapon attack, then, no doubt, any future surge in deaths will be blamed on a “deadly new strain of Covid” that is “vaccine resistant.” “Breakthrough cases” appears to be the terminology they use, so look out for that. More booster shots will be required, of course! Just in case the first lot didn’t sicken you enough, etc., etc.

The mandatory vaccination of US soldiers, now being floated by suspicious organisations like CNN, could be part of a strategy to disarm the United States for the benefit of its enemies. It’s the only way they could win.

Globalist Fifth Column

Contention: The Globalists are effectively a Fifth Column of traitors.

Much of what I have described above would require a potent Fifth Column in the West, possibly one with ties to the globalists, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc. How much are they in bed with the Chinese and vice versa? These remain open — and extremely hypothetical — questions. The fervour with which Big Tech and the social media giants try to stifle this debate can only add fuel to the fires of legitimate suspicion.

Are our dear globalist chums running the show, with China tagging along, or is it the other way round?

Is there some way this hypothetical coalition could fall apart, perhaps if the globalist cabal now ruling America is exposed for all to see.

You don’t have to look too hard anymore to expose the lies. A lot of it is now out in the open, as a full takeover of the USA may hypothetically be underway. Whether it is or not, more and more people are simply feeling in their gut that this is what is happening. Are they wrong?

The Cabal vs The Counter-Revolution?

Contention: The Globalists are not as strong as they may appear. 

But the apparent crisis may also be an opportunity to sideline the hypothetical threat we are discussing as part of our thought experiment. If the globalists are exposed, people will react against them, and then, something our Chinese friends know very well, there is also the “Mandate of Heaven.” God may not suffer their shadows to spread unopposed across the land.

The cabal may well have its agents in the corridors of power, people like Mark Milley at the Pentagon and Tony Blinken at the State Department hypothetically, yet they appear to be terribly nervous, like rabbits caught in the headlights. Treason at this level requires blood the temperature of ice because there is so much that can go wrong, and there is literally no one you can trust, especially not China.

All this talk about Trump supporters attempting to “stage a coup” just seems like so much projection. What it reveals is that they are worried about a counter-coup, having already carried out their own coup — hypothetically speaking, of course.

There are enough patriots and loyal US military men, waiting to take back the country when the time is right, when the supposed cabal slips up. There are also many loyal to America in the CIA, the FBI and the NSA, waiting. This is what the Qanon hinted at, even if that was, in large part, a cabal-run disinfo operation.

It took 70 years for the cabal to get its people all into place. It was a slow and torturous process. Their number one fear is that this malevolent house of cards may be swept away by a sudden backlash of the interests and energies they have distracted, suppressed, and diverted — a counter-coup, a flip of the cards, a true revolution.

Like all people who have just carried out a coup, they are dreadfully nervous. To get where they are they had to cheat and lie way off the charts. They had to mortgage their souls to the devil — metaphorically and maybe even literally. 

Although they have the power at present, it’s tenuous. They know it, we know it, and they know we know it. The only question is can they keep it?

Will more and more of us all see what’s going on in “The Great Awakening” that is the counter move to the Cabal’s “Great Reset”?

But, also, what of the corrosion to their own souls? Let us not underestimate that, as they are mere flesh and blood without them. Do they sleep soundly at night?

Hypothetically I doubt it.

Updated 1st October 2021

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