Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve is Now a Health Dictatorship


In 2025 officials say the recent surge of new super mutant variants forcing the imposition of new lockdowns and mask mandates is the result of the anti-booster shot crowd. When the country reaches 80% booster shot rate we can open up the country a little bit. We must be cautious and keep border restrictions in place, social distancing and crowd restrictions. Now is the time for your booster shots if you don’t want to be imprisoned again. The government will calculate your freedom each year based on your vaccine intake.

The definition of freedom in Australia is: take a vaccine you don’t want nor need, download apps on your phone connected to government databases, scan yourself into venues and events that you must receive government permission to enter, an obedience passport (euphemism vaccine passport) with your Pfizer subscription plan. It is now only a matter of time before authorities start pinning yellow stars on sleeves to show you are not part of the covid religion and a covidian.

Australians clearly value safety above all else and humans can change their behavior as most value safety above freedoms and liberty. If you give Australians football, Netflix, reality TV, and booze they don’t worry about much else. A society that has elevated safety to a religious cult is a society that has no immunity to protect itself from predators who treat us like cattle. Freedom decided solely on the say-so of the government is not freedom. Those who lined up for the vaccines to be a free citizen probably deserve to live under a dictatorship. 

The pharmaceutical industry will be smiling at all those drug-dependent loyal customers. They have a captive audience. And it is a sweet deal vaccine makers have been granted by governments with exemption from liability and, if it goes wrong, they are the go-to guy to solve it, with more boosters and Australians constantly updating your vaccine passport. Every year your freedom will be determined by how many vaccines you have had. The mainstream media will never challenge any of this of course as they need the advertising revenue. The government receives enormous donations from pharmaceutical companies. 

In the present year, your freedom is soon to be determined by your vaccination status. Tomorrow what will it be? Some who took the two shots are confused. They still cannot enter hypochondriac Mark McGowan’s Western Australia.  They trusted the media and government that once they obeyed they could go about their normal lives. They also believed they were fully vaccinated after two shots. Well, the boosters are rolling out in Israel and other nations as we speak.

All the evidence is there for all to see: Variants could be named after star constellations when Greek alphabet runs out, says WHO covid chief, Fauci warms Americans may face booster shots indefinitely, Pfizer CEO says third covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months.

So you have signed up for a subscription plan. You have refused a booster and your passport does not work. You cannot enter the stadium because your boosters are not up to date. You must prove at this point not that you are vaccinated or you are a second-class citizen but will turn into you must prove you have had your updated boosters or you are a second-class citizen. 

But, yes the government cares about us, right? They just destroyed your business, canceled your wedding, arrested you for laying flowers on your loved ones grave, tell you how far you can travel away from home, force you to wear a mask in a forest or on a beach, strike fear into you everyday that everyone is a petri-dish of filth, threaten your ability to work if you don’t take a vaccine, repeatedly lie and track your movements.  However, most will follow the cow in front of them up the ramp. They just follow. 

The Diamond Princess was labeled a petri-dish and a diabolical situation. It was on the news for weeks. A deadly virus went right through a ship yet age-corrected lethality was between 0.025% and 0.625%. The Diamond Princess was meant to turn into a morgue and the biggest biohazard on water. It was, by and large, a non-event. It was meant to be the showcase of a deadly pandemic. 

How did Australia go from a largely self-sufficient nation to a fearful compliant docile citizenry? The process cannot in entirely just occured over the past two years. Conditioning is part of it. The government introduced jobkeeper/seeker to pacify the masses and make them docile. It made them compliant.

Australians have also seen their properties increase in value substantially without doing any value adding to the country.  If their core asset in the form of property substantially increases they are largely content whilst they watch AFL, NRL, and browse Netflix and order Uber Eats. You can destroy Australia’s freedoms by introducing a police state easily, but if Australians were to lose Netflix or AFL they would definitely scream and start writing emails.

The huge bloated public service sector had no issue with lockdowns because they could simply work from home. Teachers and university staff simply went online. Australia has won the award for public compliance and is now a nation of bootlickers snitching on neighbors for having one too many guests over, dobbing in others for not wearing a mask, showing shock horror that someone did not sign in to a government app when entering a store, bombasting people for not sanitizing their hands.

Do not dare challenge any of this and do not criticize anyone who wants a reward for good behavior.  For those people it feels good to be told you are a hero for following the rules, it feels good to QR check-in and to wear a mask. It is very difficult to show people that they have been played.  The worst crimes we are going to see in the future are going to be the result of people turning into government informants or henchmen.  

With all the circumstances described here, to the eyes of public officials this virus was sent from heaven.  They feel like a fox that has been invited into a henhouse by ripe chickens ready to be plucked. The atmosphere of hysteria has resulted in a police state and medical tyranny. This is the modern face of feudalism, updated for the twenty-first century. 

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