Normally those on the left do not like the Americanisation of our culture, however this does not hold true when considering trends from Obama’s new America, in which case the left is eager to bring it here. This is true of the destructive Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in America which treats every use of force by police against a black American as a hate crime caused by racism, rather than wanting to address any of the actual social problems in black communities that lead to such confrontations with police. Though it also should be stated the police themselves have their own problem with using deadly force against people of ALL races, it’s not a black only issue. The results of BLM’s activism has been retaliatory attacks on police, rioting and looting of shops and houses in major cities and unprovoked attacks on innocent white people caught in the crossfire.

Leftists seem to like this destruction of what they perceive of white society so it’s no surprise there have been agitators to import the BLM movement into Australia. The blacks they have adopted as the victims of hate and racism they can rage about is the plight of indigenous Australians. More specifically the rate of indigenous incarnation in Australia and deaths in custody, the statistics are trotted out that indigenous Australians 15.4 times more likely to end up in prison than other Australians. The implication alleged by such statistics being that indigenous people are put in prison simply because of their race, it is never considered that these people are put behind bars because of the dysfunction, anti-social behaviour and violence that occurs in indigenous communities.

Left wing agitators first tried to import BLM into Australia with a rally in Melbourne in June, mainly it was to show solidarity with the American movement but also they used the plight of indigenous people here to make to make the rally locally relevant. The activists were given a boost by their friends at the ABC by the Four Corners episode Australia’s Shame which aired 4 year old footage of officers in youth detention centres in the Northern Territory where 97% of offenders are indigenous where excessive force was used against offenders, they were hosed down with water, thrown against walls and teargas was used against them. One detainee Dylan Voller was put in a restraint chair and was forced to wear a spit hood. The left wing media and activist went into full outrage mode and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a knee jerk decision to call a royal commission into the treatment of youth offenders in the North Territory.

The narrative that was told in the aftermath of the program was that we would never treat white detainees that way, of course again the solution was to stop being so racist and for the officers in the centre to be nicer. Never was it considered such force was required because of the violent nature of the detainees. Take the poster boy for this mistreatment Dylan Voller had been found guilty of 50 criminal offences, the latest of which was attempting to run over a policeman and bash a man while high on ice and drunk, hardly an innocent victim of white racism. Then Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Adam Giles put things into perspective when he said that indigenous youth are given “every chance, but they still break in to our homes, smash up our cars and cause trouble’’.

Ever since that story it has encouraged the media and activists to run the narrative of indigenous mistreatment by racist white police and governments. Every incident involving an indigenous offender is now used as example of their oppression. After an indigenous teen was killed on a stolen motorcycle in Kalgoorlie by a 55 year old man who was later charged with manslaughter the indigenous members of the town decided to riot at a perceived injustice despite that the justice system was working in the proper way, charging a person with an alleged offense and having a trial.

Other examples that the activists have used is when an indigenous man died in custody in South Australia last month after initiating a violent altercation with prison guards. In Broome, Western Australia police had to shoot dead an indigenous man after he threatened officers and members of the public with a knife. Never in the repeating of these stories by activists is it ever conceded that the police might have been acting in self-defence? One difference between these incidents and those in the United States is that we have had no situations where police have pulled over an indigenous man driving and decided to just shoot him.

Of course it would be better if these incarnations and deaths of indigenous people did not occur, the rates should be significantly lower. But the solution by the left wing agitators that we need to simply stop being racist and that police and law enforcement need to simply be nice in dealing with violent offenders will do nothing to reduce these rates. What the solution should be is actually looking at reducing the occurrence of the crimes and violence committed by indigenous people so that they don’t end up in custody. But also that when these crimes are committed the full force of the law should be applied as the principle of personal responsibility should also be upheld.

Warren Mundine an indigenous advisor for the federal government wrote about the domestic violence epidemic in indigenous communities earlier this week. He wrote that for all the talk about the horrors of indigenous incarnation there is no talk of the horror that the victims of this domestic violence are indigenous women and children. By failing to address or not even acknowledge this problem in indigenous communities, activist are condemning another generation of indigenous people to a cycle of violence and crime. The left are too scared to actually admit there might be dysfunction in indigenous communities as it ruins the victim complex they have created. Another indigenous activist Marcia Langton has also talked about the need to restore personal responsibility to indigenous communities ‘Instead of talking about personal agency, these people talk about self-determination. It drowns out any message about personal agency’. Upholding the rule of law and preventing indigenous Australia from being caught up in community dysfunction is the key.

So far the left wing activists have failed to inflame race relations in Australia to the degree that has occurred with BLM in the United States. Their campaign to have indigenous Australians boycott the national anthem on Grand Final weekend did not gain any traction with indigenous players. Australians are always willing to help those with disadvantage, but they are not willing to tolerate or support violence and social dysfunction in our nation no matter which race it comes from. Australians are not so easily silenced by the left shouting racism, if the left wing activists had any intention of trying to solve indigenous disadvantage they should stop viewing the issue as part of some greater race war.

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.