US school district scraps Christmas in favour of Muslim minority


The Montgomery County School District has banned Christmas from the school calendar in an effort to cater for the district’s Islamic community. Severely deviating from its country’s cultural heritage, the county has opted to also ban Easter and Yom Kippur, as they are considered to be an insult and inconvenience to Muslim residents. The origins of the decision lie in requests made by Islamic parents to introduce Eid as a holiday, as skipping school in favour of Eid results in their children missing out. As a result, the county surrendered to the pressure and removed all religious holidays, even those inextricably connected to American heritage.

This is not the first time Christmas has been rejected in favour of allowing political correctness to dictate administration. In December last year, the Office of Diversity at the University of Tennessee attempted to ban Christmas, asking students and staff to remove any associations with Christmas in their celebrations. The regulations stretched as far as demanding the use of culturally neutral food and drink.

These decisions by Montgomery County and the University of Tennessee portray the blatant lack of respect and appreciation of their own cultural values. The United States is a Christian nation, with a culture founded upon Christian beliefs and traditions that helped build the country to being the greatest of the modern world. However, this facet of the United States is at risk. The cultural heritage of the nation is under threat by the perils of political correctness (PC), which seeks to undermine the country’s cultural heritage in an attempt to better cater for foreign cultures, falsely believing that all cultures are equal and prevent migrants from being offended. Advocates of the new PC culture fail to realise that migrants, by entering the United States, should assimilate into that culture in order to ensure its preservation for all of time. But why preserve the culture of the United States? Because otherwise, the positive role western values play in the world is at risk. The left fights for diversity, but diversity of the world will only survive if strong cultures remain in their appropriate regions. The United States, and the Western world in general, are set to lose the beauty and magnificence of their cultures if administrative authorities give in to the petty demands of an immigrant minority.

One reason cited as having influenced the decision to reject Christmas is that Islamic children are at a disadvantage by being absent from school on Eid. According to statistics, however, there simply is no major difference in absences in the county’s schools between normal school days and school days that fall on Eid. This is an interesting, and ultimately concerning, thought. Furthermore, Eid will fall on the same day as Yom Kippur, which was originally an official holiday, from next year onwards and into time immemorial. This leads to another interesting thought as to why the Muslim community fought for a supposed alleviation from being treated as a “second class citizen” through protesting for a recognition of their foreign holiday.
Henceforth, Christmas and Easter will be known as “Winter Break” and “Spring Break”, respectively, in Montgomery County.


Muslims Successful in BANNING CHRISTMAS in Maryland Schools, Because it Is “Offensive” (WATCH)

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