The Unshackled Waves Ep. 199 Mail Bombs, Synagogue Shooting and Brazilian and German Elections


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With yet more major developments around the globe today is another international affairs themed show with the Unshackled’s Editor at Large Steele Archer.

In the United States mail were bombs sent to prominent Democrat politicians including the Obamas and the Clintons, George Soros and CNN by Trump supporter Cesar Sayocall, none of which went off. President Trump’s rhetoric was blamed for inspiring this attempted attack given that he has talked about assaulting protestors and endorsed attacks on journalists. But a Bernie Sanders supporter critically injured Congressman Steve Scalice and Democrat politicians have called for the public harassment of Trump Administration officials so the left’s hands are not clean either.

On Saturday 11 Jews were shot dead at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Robert Bowers. He did this because wanted all Jews to die and blamed them for open borders and the spread of globalism. Again Trump was blamed for this massacre for pandering to the alt right even though the shooter hated Trump for being a globalist and Trump has been pro-Israel in his policies. Other consequences of this massacre is free speech social media platform was deplatformed from the internet and criticism of globalism is now being spun as antisemitism.

Brazil held its run off Presidential election with nationalist strongman Jair Bosonaro winning with 55% of the vote. He ran on platform of anti-crime, anti-corruption traditional values and small government. The mainstream media in the west posted many triggered articles mentioning his comments on women and gays. Bosonaro represents a departure from socialism in Latin America and continues the worldwide trend of nationalist populist leaders being elected.

Angela Merkel in Germany announced she would be stepping down as Chancellor in 2021 after the disastrous results for her Christian Democratic Party in the recent Hesse state election. Her legacy will be opening up Europe to millions of migrants from the third world which have endangered the security of the local populations. She was seen as the globalists leader of choice as she was a supporter of the European Union and was able to economic strongarm other European nations through the economic Eurozone.

Suspected Bombs Sent To George Soros Clinton, Obama, And CNN Office
Trump Supporter Arrested As Suspect In Mail Bombing Threats On Democrats, Soros and CNN
Pittsburgh Shooter Who Killed 11 Jews Charged For Federal Crimes Not Terrorism Vows to Return After Having It’s Hosting Terminated
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