Record-Breaking Protest At Latest Melbourne Kill the Bill Rally


On Saturday the 13th of November 2021 it was another record-breaking non-communist protest with 50,000 rallying outside Victoria’s Parliament House against Dan Andrews’ permanent pandemic laws and vaccine mandates. It was probably the biggest non-communist protest in Australian History and was entirely peaceful with zero arrests. Gee that wouldn’t happen to be because the police left the protesters alone would it? No pushing people around or blocking crowds, no unprovoked violent arrests, no pepper spray or rubber bullets, besides the weather it was a great day.

The truth is at every protest against Dan Andrews’ pandemic response that was violent was only because Victoria Police were violent. It’s that simple.

The protests that led to violence were because the police were enforcing radical covid directives on the public decreed by the Andrews Government whom the protests were against. The police did not say’ no covid directives are not our job to enforce, we have enough duties as it is’ and just focus on murders and theft like what should be the primary purpose.

But lately, things might have changed. With the strict lockdown ending, they are no longer coming in and acting like thugs provoking the protesters. Maybe we are seeing freedom really winning. And it’s good. The mainstream media actually covered this protest appropriately. They didn’t ignore it like last week. We can only imagine how big the turnout would have been if the weather was good. Turns out that global warming decided to skip southeastern Australia this spring and dish out some winter weather over the weekend. Yet this is happening all the time, all over the earth because it ain’t warming, but I digress.

Back to the police causing the troubles at protests. The truth is that in a nation like ours where socialism is rampant each government department does the opposite of what they profess to do. So healthcare harms people, police actually cause crime, welfare departments actually stop people from finding work, etc etc. It’s all a scam. The socialist government doesn’t protect our freedoms or society, it doesn’t protect our national borders. Instead, it destroys our freedoms, opens the borders, and causes chaos in society.

The government charged with keeping society civilized actually makes things uncivilized. It’s quite normal in a leftist system that we live under. So we aren’t surprised that 50 000 people could gather at a protest without any arrests or violence when we know that they were being left alone by the government are we?

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