Hypochondriac Covidians the Biggest Menace Since WW2


Any future tourists to Australia are going to find the populace living in abject fear and terror who wear masks all day and demand you do too. You will be ordered to scan, sanitize and get your temperature checked every time you go through the doors of your hotel.

Let’s imagine a population who were traced, tested, made faceless, had their nation’s borders shut, and had to take a medical experiment to get their freedom back while still masked and looking at an obedience passport as a gateway to freedom, then celebrating because they can walk into a Kmart. Well, that is exactly what is happening in Australia right now. It is now just a matter of time before the dissidents start pinning emblems or signs on their clothing to show the enlightened that you are not part of the covidian cult. Indoctrination by mainstream media has done its job. A docile and submissive population is the result.

It is simply unbelievable that the political gaslighting has so brainwashed the majority into being fully convinced that an unvaccinated person poses a threat to them. To believe that decent people should be excluded because they made a different choice is not a reflection on who they are, it’s a reflection of what Australia is. The fact that so many Australians openly despise and ridicule their own people who do not want the shots shows that Australia could go into a very dark place and could tear itself apart violently. All for a virus with a huge recovery rate.

Australians are actually cheering it on. They want those who did not participate to suffer and they think the unvaccinated are a dangerous contagion. The truth is those willing to support this idea carry the dangerous contagion: the view that people can be segregated if they do not comply. A nation that proves it will follow the rules no matter even if those rules cause so much hardship leading to suicides, unemployment and the nation’s demise has lost its moral compass.

Authorities are taken as truth. Australians gave away their freedoms with barely a murmur. It started off with it is just two weeks staying at home to flatten the curve. Any nation that can descend into this level of societal discrimination, human segregation and medical experimentation shows Australia is a weak, gullible, naive nation of easily led fools. All it took was constant fear by mainstream media. The power of propaganda: the government says take the jabs-yes master.  Report people who break the rules-yes master. Help us identify unvaccinated people-yes master. Don’t let unvaccinated people into your business and you will be rewarded-yes master. Help us arrest them and detain them-yes master.

Some people are not bothered you are not vaccinated.  If it was a big deal they would stay away from you. They are actually bothered that you are disobedient and that your strength shines through on their weakness. They are bothered you are not part of the collective. They are annoyed you are not subservient to the state and you do not submit. This could morph into those not having a digital ID pass having no identity and therefore, will not be seen as being human.

If you think the government has the right to forcefully vaccinate people for the good of society then what is to prevent them from forcefully sterilizing people, euthanasing people, or forcefully implanting tracking devices? The state endorses and carries out full-term abortions of 36 to 38 weeks. Full-term babies from failed abortions are left to die.

What is stopping the state forcefully quarantining people? The mainstream media is well versed in calling unvaccinated people ‘they’ and ‘them’. They have turned the unvaccinated into socially dead beings who they think are shirking their civic duties and now many are calling for their removal from social settings. The clean vaccinated must not be exposed to the germ carriers. Verbal assaults transform them into socially dead beings and as dishonorable persons. They are excluded from all spheres of society-social, economic and cultural.

WOMAD in Adelaide has already announced that you need to be vaccinated to attend the 2022 musical performances. Is not a big leap to then see public humiliation on our streets, violence and then forced resettlement or relocation. It starts with exclusion and vitriol. If you render people socially dead it is much easier to send people to camps or even to their destination to be eradicated.

But of course those who are totally lobotomized cannot see that the hesitant booster crowds will be the next target. To avoid the boosters mean you are unvaccinated again. Will the unboosted be excluded? Many are cheering on vaccine passports so they can travel. Well, your vaccine passport green pass is about to expire if you don’t get your six-month booster shot. You are due for your fifth booster shot. You have one month to update your pass or it will be revoked. Vaccine passports are no big deal, right?  Now think of how you will feel when your shiny phone with the passport app installed suddenly turns red. You missed your booster shots.

The government has ordered 250 million doses so endless booster shots are the order for you to have freedom maintained. Your passport must be constantly kept up to date. Whatever pharma in cohorts with governments decides what your vaccine intake ought to be. Feels great to be free, doesn’t it? It feels great to QR code, shows how many vaccines you have taken on Facebook or on Instagram. All while still being masked and hand sanitizing all the time and asking people for their vaccine status.

Of course, the restaurants and pubs enforcing segregation will never ask about other areas of their customers medical history. Do they have herpes? Will the gay Qantas staff ever be asked about their hepatitis or HIV/AIDS status? So let me get this straight. You can walk into a bar with HIV/AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, meningitis and a host of other conditions, but not without the sacred and holy covid vaccine? Listen to pharma’s instructions via the government to see how many vaccines you need to go about your life. The state controls your freedoms based on your uptake of the Covid shots. You will still need to wear a mask no matter how many boosters you have had of course. 

Here are the next mandates (partly quoted from AWAKENWITHJP). It is satire but very close to reality.

Hi, I’m from the Centre for Dominance and Control (CDC) over people and if you like your freedoms we have taken from you to protect you so far, then you will love the freedoms we will take from you next. To protect you of course. Here is a preview of the next mandates that we will put on you soon. Get ready to feel really protected. 
We will be taking you out of your home if we suspect you may be infected. We will protect you and your family and neighbors. We will protect you from interacting and being humans. Given the hugely inflated death counts over the past two years, we will be very generous with our future suspecting. From your home you will be able to enjoy a stay at one of our concentration camps which are already built in Australia and Canada. You will spend your time thinking a lot about how a frog is willing  to stay in a pot while it comes to a full boil. We will hold you until we no longer seem you to be infectious which could be some time. We will need to hold outspoken people and many scientists there for others protection and we need to protect you from a very dangerous virus with an extremely high recovery rate. We will cut you off from food and certain establishments unless you have boosters-for your protection. If you are not compliant to orders you will be cut off from food-for your health. We will ban you from any connection to others whether a church or community group. Listen to government instructions. Our team of government workers such as bus drivers, those who block  off areas, guards and police are all part of our wonderful division of labor keeping everyone protected. 

Australia started off with it’s just two weeks. Then: it’s just a mask. It’s just non-essential businesses.  It’s just non-essential workers. It’s just churches and groups. It’s just until we get a vaccine.  It’s just social distancing.  It’s just schools.  It’s just to flatten the curve. It’s just for your safety and others. It’s just for travel. It’s just a bit longer. It’s just an app. It’s just for tracing. It’s just some areas. It’s just government guidelines. It’s just for your own good. It’s just mandatory. It’s just the law now. It’s just medical information. It’s just to show your medical history.  It’s just so you can enter a restaurant or pub. It’s just so your kids can go to school. It’s just for your license. It’s just so you can work. It’s just for the greater good. It’s just so you can vote. It’s just a passport. It’s just a quarantine camp. It’s just for the unvaccinated.  It’s just to keep us safe. It’s just to keep those unclean away from us. It’s just separation and resettlement. It’s just relocation. 

To end this off, there is a bloke called Bob. Bob is not vaccinated and apparently has such superpowers which enables him to infect and kill the vaccinated protected people while preserving his own life. Bob did not do what the government said and is a threat to the body politic of the nation. He is a very selfish man. Australia is officially cooked. It could be beyond repair. 

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