Polls Reflect Bill is Short on Truth


The highly anticipated NewsPoll was released last night which shows the two party preferred gap is now only 49-51 in Labor’s favour, having been at its worst 45-55. Galaxy Poll had the gap at 48-52 while the Morgan Poll also had it at 49-51.

These polls have reflected what most political commentators have observed recently that Bill Shorten is unraveling under scrutiny and his lies and empty rhetoric are being exposed.

Bill Shorten has been lying about his position on the Adani coal mine, he lied to a voter on his tax policy and there was of course his infamous attempt to avoid a question from a Channel Ten reporter over the cost to the economy of his energy policy.

Meanwhile Scott Morrison and Liberal campaign HQ have been nailing Shorten on every slip up and their attack ads are hitting these points hard. A sharp contrast from the bland Jobs and Growth slogan of three years ago that nearly saw them lose Government.

The Liberals also have the advantage of Scott Morrison coming across and genuine down to earth guy, meanwhile Bill Shorten looks like an NPC programmed robot.

It is not surprising then that Bill Shorten is trying to avoid a prime time free to air debate only agreeing to a debate tonight on Channel 7’s secondary channel 7TWO, and a People’s Forum on subscription network Sky News on Friday night.

With the incumbent government usually behind in opinion polls and the gap now the closest it’s been the Coalition can dare to dream of unlikely victory. There are seats they can realistically win off the Labor Party to form a majority government.

It now looks possible that Bill Shorten could lose the unlosable election, many are now referring to him online as Billary, following Hillary Clinton in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


With the Easter and ANZAC Day holiday period over and early voting now commencing today the campaign will be more intense than ever with three weeks to go.

Recent elections have demonstrated anything can happen. Just look at how Michael Daley fell apart in the final week of the New South Wales Election handing Gladys Berejiklian an unexpected majority government.

If the Coalition does pull off a stunning victory it will be because they actually campaigned and went on the attack and because Bill Shorten was exposed as a hollow man under scrutiny.

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