POLL: Do You Support Jim Molan Sharing Britain First Videos?

New Liberal Senator and former Major General Jim Molan has been put through the media griller on his first day in the Senate. Journalists eager to find dirt on him have dug up two videos from the British nationalist organisation Britain First that were shared on his Facebook page which purport to show Muslims engaging in violence in the European nations.

United States President Donald Trump also shared videos from Britain First late last year which led to an international incident between the two nations after he was rebuked by British Prime Minister Thersea May. Trump is reportedly considering apologizing for sharing the videos.

Britain First is labelled a racist organisation by its critics however it explicitly denies on its website it believes in white nationalism instead wanting to promote British values and defend the nation’s Christian heritage.

When confronted about sharing the videos on ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program Molan stood by it “I have no apologies, I have no regrets”. He denied the implication they meant he was a racist “I put my life on the line for Islamic countries, for people to come out now and say that this is racist, or is anti-Islamic, I find deeply offensive”. He further stated he shared the videos to start a conversation about Islamist violence.

Labor MP Stephen Jones has called for Molan to receive a dressing down from Malcolm Turnbull. Greens Senator Nick McKim has a labelled Molan a blatant racist. Guardian columnist and 3RRR breakfast presenter Jeff Sparrow claimed posting the videos was a sackable offense.

Molan was elected to the Senate via a countback after Nationals Senator Fiona Nash was found to hold dual citizenship and next on the New South Wales Coalition ticket Hollie Hughes was also found to be ineligible due to being now being employed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Despite being placed in the unwinnable 7th position on the Coalition ticket at the 2016 double dissolution election he obtained 10,182 first preference below the line votes. He is part of the conservative faction of the New South Wales Liberal Party pushing for greater democratization of the party.

He was previously the chief of operations for the Coalition forces during the Iraq war. After his retirement he assisted with the development of the Coalition’s successful border protection policy Operation Sovereign Borders.

While Labor, the Greens and the media believe Molan sharing these videos are a huge outrage, many Australians would find Molan’s willingness to highlight Muslim violence in western countries and the need to have a discussion about the presence of Islam in the West as refreshing.

So we thought we would conduct a poll about your reaction to Molan’s actions and if you are more likely to support him or not.

Do You Support Jim Molan Sharing Britain First Videos?

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