Non-Binary Wins Victorian Premier’s Literary People’s Choice Awards

The winners of the taxpayer funded Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2018 were announced in a ceremony on 1st February. The awards however are not administered by the Premier himself instead by the Wheeler Centre who hosted the awards ceremony. The Centre aims to facilities public talks by writers and intellectuals in Melbourne.

The winners for five categories are decided by a judging panel of three selected by the Wheeler Centre. Then there is the People’s Choice Award which is open to voting from the public on the Wheeler Centre’s website. Winners of the main five categories receive a cash prize of $25,000 and the winner of the People’s Choice Award receives $2,000.

The six award winners plus the winners of two further awards the Unpublished Manuscript Award and the biennial Award for Indigenous Writing then go into the running to win another award the Victorian Prize for Literature.

There was much celebration amongst social media users than none of the six main award winners were cis-white males. Certainly if an award ceremony had no female or non-white winners there would outrage.

High profile degenerate writer Benjamin law who is always eager to highlight he is gay and Asian was pleased that the winners were all women and including queers and women of colour.

However it was pointed out to him that the winner of the People’s Choice Award Alison Evans identifies as non-binary. Law was quick to issue a wholehearted apology for the grave crime of misgendering someone.

The farcical nature of this exchange was picked up by British journalist Piers Morgan (who nobody can hardly describe as right-wing) who has become a prominent critic of this gender bending madness.

Not surprisingly the Australian social media crowd did not take to Morgan’s critique kindly.

It should also be noted that winner of The Victorian Prize for Literature and the Prize for Non-Fiction Sarah Krasnostein for the book  The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in Death was about the life of a transgender woman.

Of course the joke of this awards ceremony is on us as we are paying for it and the winners are deemed to have the stamp of approval of all Victorians who likely had never heard of these books. It is another example of leftist cultural elites patting themselves on the back using taxpayers’ money.

One hopes a future state government can end these types of leftie love ins. The Queensland LNP Newman Government in 2012 ended that state’s Premier’s Literary Awards. If leftist want to honour books about transgenders and writers who identify as non-binary then create your own awards funded by your own money.

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