POLL: Do You Still Stand with Israel Folau?


There has been much outrage and concern over Rugby Australia’s decision to terminate Israel Folau’s $4 million playing contract over his sinners Instagram post back in April this year.


Despite his post listing 8 different sinners destined for hell the main offence at the post was caused by his inclusion of homosexuals, a group he had previously condemned as sinners and destined for hell the year before also on Instagram.

He was found guilty of a high-level breach of the Rugby players’ code of conduct by a three person Rugby Australia panel allowing Rugby Australia to terminate his playing contract.

Folau chose not to appeal his contract termination through Rugby Australia’s internal processes as he did not have confidence he would be treated fairly or lawfully in the process.

Instead Folau has taken his case to the Fair Work Commission citing religious discrimination and is demanding $10 million compensation.

Some conservative politicians such as Eric Abetz and Barnaby Joyce have called for Folau’s law which would disallow restrictions on religious expression in employment contracts.

Before the election Scott Morrison announced his government would implement a Religious Discrimination Act, however Morrison has not supported Folau during this saga calling his Instagram post ‘grossly insensitive’.

Throughout the saga Folau has not backed down and refused to take down the Instagram post, even though it would have saved his playing career.

On the weekend he doubled down on his view on the LGBT lifestyle claiming its spread “is what the devil is trying to do, to instill into the government, into this world, into society, and it is slowly happening”.

He also for the first time singled out transgenderism for criticism “In today’s youths and everything, they are allowing young kids in primary school to be able to have the permission to change their gender if they want by taking away the permission of the parents”.

While Folau is theological correct in statement that homosexuality is a sin and transgenderism is not part of God plan, many are objecting to the manner in which Folau is presenting this view.

Even Margaret Court who herself has come under criticism for her biblical view on the LGBT lifestyle said “He probably wasn’t very diplomatic, the way he put it”.

Does Israel Folau’s latest statement change your view on Rugby Australia’s decision to terminate his contract. Do you still stand with Israel Folau? Have your say in our poll.

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