MSM Maligns Alex Jones With Child Exploitation Claims


The latest in a long line of attempts by the mainstream media to malign Alex Jones is the horrendously misleading headlines pushed by both CNBC: “Infowars host Alex Jones accused of threatening Sandy Hook lawyers after child porn is found in his electronic files, court document says” and ABCNEWS:  “Lawyers: Files sent by Alex Jones contained child porn”.

Embattled Infowars host Alex Jones has been in a prolonged legal battle with parents of Sandy Hook massacre victims for a number of years now. Famously Hillary Clinton was reported to have said that a way to attack Donald Trump was to go after the Alex Jones/Sandy Hook angle. Jones’ had been open about his endorsement of Trump during the election, even going so far as to feature him on his program.

What is particularly disturbing about the choice of language is that it indicates to the passer-by that Jones was in possession of child exploitation material. A horrendous crime worthy of the harshest of punishments. However if one were to read the articles in question they would find that in fact the materials were emails sent into the Infowars inbox that had been submitted to the Sandy Hook legal team as per the subpoena. They were unopened emails sent from unknown sources that are presumably hostile to Infowars.

Dissident Alex Jones
No Stranger to Controversy

According to sources the materials were found when consultants for the legal team were going over the data submitted to them. The files were promptly forwarded to the FBI.

Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis said “For two weeks, the FBI conducted an inquiry, and I learned on Wednesday of this week that that inquiry concluded that no one here has any guilty knowledge of those emails.”

“Indeed, there is no reason to suspect anybody even knew they were here. They were not opened.” To which Jones remarked “So they are basically booby traps. They are land mines.”

It is unconscionable the level of depravity that some will stoop to in order to attack those who go against the grain.

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