Leftists Observe Antifa Prisoner Solidarity Day

The violence and terrorism of the group Antifa has become apparent to many people worldwide this year. Whenever a right-wing group plans a public demonstration in support of their cause, Antifa turn up and not just attempt to disrupt the event, but violently assault those simply exercising their right to free speech.

The examples of this have been numerous, the most prominent are the violent Inauguration Day protests which involved the unprovoked punching of Richard Spencer and the Battle of Berkeley in California in April. In Australia, we saw Antifa aligned thugs attempted to assault Andrew Bolt at a book launch in Melbourne, and try to violently disrupt the annual Australian Pride March also in Melbourne.

Thankfully authorities are now starting to take action against Antifa, with the state of New Jersey now declaring it a terrorist organisation. There is a petition here in Australia for our government to do the same. The Antifa rioters on Inauguration Day have been charged with felony rioting and now face a maximum of 75 years in prison.

But of course, Antifa along with other leftist thugs do not like being held accountable for their actions. In their view, all of their opponents are evil fascists who they would probably kill if they could get away with it. That is probably why on July 25th leftists observed the International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners and you could tweet your support using #J25antifa.

The prisoners that are allegedly victims of injustice that they wanted to show solidarity with were those who rioted in Hamburg at the G20, and of course the Antifa thugs trying to disrupt various right-wing demonstrations in the United States. They have published a Global Antifa Prisoner List and have asked for people to donate to their International Anti-Fascist Defense Fund.

Observance of the day by Antifa around the world, including in Australia was reported by the extreme leftist website It’s Going Down, which advocates violence against police officers and capitalists and raises money through Patreon.

The day became an annual event, believe it or not, to commemorate the imprisonment of an Australian citizen in Bulgaria. Jock Palfreeman was found guilty of murder and attempted murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison when he stabbed two football hooligans who had got into an altercation with a gypsy in Sofia in 2007.

Since his incarceration he has founded the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association (BPRA), his prison cell has of pictures of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara and Iran and Iraqi flags. Tells you all you need to know about his politics.

An Australian article commemorating the day of course complained about alleged fascist enablers in Australia, naming Mark Latham and George Christensen for spreading anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment. Of course, Antifa believes that people’s concerns over Islam and immigration are unfounded and must be some right-wing conspiracy, that we are only interested in hating for no reason.

The fact that Antifa have a day to show solidarity with violent criminals gives you an indication of what type of totalitarian society we would be living under if they were in charge. No dissent from the approved opinions would be allowed, diversity is our strength and we must embrace cultural enrichment. On the contrary, the alleged fascists they rage about are on the whole peaceful and wanting to influence their nation’s direction through civil means.

We on the right should also celebrate on July 25th every year, celebrate that law and order is being upheld and that violent thugs are getting the justice they deserve. It is fair to say that our governments have been letting Antifa get away with their terrorism for far too long, but now action is being demanded and taken. We hope that next year the list of prisoners grows larger and that these leftist cry-babies learn to take responsibility for their actions.

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