Leftist Website Encouraged Readers to Send Packages to Australian Christian Lobby


A prominent leftist website New Matilda has been encouraging its readers to bombard the Australian Christian Lobby with packages containing whatever they like. This is because the ACL has a reply paid address which means that anything sent to them under that address is paid for by the ACL. The consequences of New Matilda’s reckless conduct should now be clear for all to see as this morning an Australia Post mail centre in Canberra had to be evacuated after a package containing white powder was discovered addressed to the ACL Headquarters.

New Matilda’s article is entitled ‘If You Mail The Australian Christian Lobby An Envelope Full Of Glitter, They’ll Pay For the Stamp!’ and its author begins by stating ‘in fact you can mail the Australian Christian Lobby just about anything you like (although keep it classy folks)’ which should be interpret as a open invitation to their readership to send whatever substance they want to the ACL.

Although the white powder turned out to be a harmless substance the fact it caused a major security scare meant it was clearly designed to intimidate the staff at the ACL. Also think of the poor Australia Post workers at that mail centre who felt their safety was under threat, many of them probably supported same sex marriage.

The ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton has been highlighting all of the abusive material his office has been receiving during the beginning of the same sex marriage plebiscite debate due to them leading the ‘no’ case.

People certainly have the right to disagree with Lyle Shelton but this sort of immature conduct (which has now taken this disturbing form) from same sex marriage advocates contributes nothing of value to the debate. Rebut his arguments, disagreeing with someone should not entitle you to harass or intimidate them. Advocates of same sex marriage should be advised that it would be wiser if they spent their spare time convincing members of the public to vote yes rather than going to all the effort to mail substances to their opponents.

This is not the first time there has been a security scare at the ACL Headquarters with the car bomb attack in December last year which was covered up at the time but later revealed to be an act of rainbow terrorism.

Leftists are demanding a respectful debate when claiming how offended they are by traditional marriage material, yet a major leftist news website has been encouraging this type of muckraking from their readers. One hopes that New Matilda reflects on their conduct and retracts this article in the wake of today’s incident.

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