Leftist Trolls Insult Tony Abbott About Father’s Death


In further proof the left’s vileness knows no bounds leftist trolls on social media have already started insulting Tony Abbott about his father’s death no less than 24 hours after his family’s announcement. Tony Abbott posted a simple tribute on Twitter to his late father Richard Abbott who died at the age of 93.

But leftists unable to put partisan politics aside at any time, even when family tragedy strikes they have immediately starting suggesting his father died of shame. These have been both twitter users as well on Facebook comments about his father’s death.

The reason for this specific insult is due to the controversy of when Alan Jones was secretly recorded at a Sydney University Liberal Club Dinner in 2012 suggesting that then Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father had recently died of shame.

Tony Abbott who was Opposition Leader at the time called Jones’ comments ‘wrong and offensive’ and did not defend them. However Abbott made the error of indirectly repeating the reference in parliament when he said that Gillard’s government ‘should have already died of shame’.

Regardless of how much you despise a politician attacks on their family members specifically after they have just died are low blows of the most disgusting order.

Do these leftists also know that they are insulting the father of Christine Forster as well, a women who campaigned more than anyone for their favorite cause same sex marriage? I’m sure she would be horrified at such callous abuse during this time of grieving for the whole Abbott family.

If leftists don’t even have respect for another human being during a time such as this, imagine how they would treat their political enemies if they actually got into power.


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