Tim Soutphommasane Plays Down Multicultural Communities’ No Vote in Survey


Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane has finally broken his silence about the unpleasant truth for the multicultural left regarding the results of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey which saw the strongest no vote in areas of Western Sydney which have high migrant and ethnic populations. He has remarked that the appearance of ethnic communities voting no should not be an excuse for an outbreak of crass, cultural stereotyping.

Soutphommasane made these remarks at a speech at the University of Western Sydney. He also stated that no voters were more influenced by religious observance and cultural traditions. Perhaps the religion many were influenced to vote no by in Western Sydney was Islam? Is Soutphommasane indirectly making this admission? He is clearly confronted by where the no vote came from and is having a hard time explaining it away.

Although Soutphommasane doesn’t explicitly say he voted yes, it is clear his remarks are aimed at yes voters and those he considers his allies on the left. He clearly doesn’t believe its okay to vote no otherwise he would be defending these ethnic communities right to believe in traditional marriage.

Soutphommasane for all his accusations of people from the right being the racists the no campaign actually worked very cohesively with Australia’s multicultural communities. Many Chinese Christian Church groups for example were part of the official Coalition for Marriage campaign.

He claimed that there were many multicultural electorates that voted yes, but we don’t know which members of those electorates voted yes. Most of the no vote could have still come from the ethnic segments of that electorates, in every electorate there were still a substantial amount of people who voted no.

He also made the bizarre assertion that a no vote is acceptable from someone of the majority, but not if it comes from a minority. He clearly didn’t listen to the attitudes of the some of the yes campaigners who held white men like Tony Abbott as responsible for mobilizing the no vote. Most of the abuse from the yes campaign was directed at the Christian community who the left still perceives as largely white.

Of course, his friends in the left have been busy making excuses for the fact that most migrant and ethnic communities voted no, those include that we shouldn’t hold them to the same standards as the white population (are they calling them stupid?), that they were subjected to the most alleged misinformation from the no campaign or that the left hasn’t done enough outreach to these communities (if that is even plausible).

No matter how much they try to twist the results Soutphommasane or the left cannot explain away the facts of where the no vote came from and that they are facing a significant shattering of their dream of a harmonious multicultural utopia which can accommodate all of their other pet right causes.


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