Left Want to Hold a Freedom Concert on Inauguration Day


Even after nearly two months since the Presidential Election the left and progressives have still not accepted that Donald Trump won. The recounts and the sabotaging the Electoral College vote did not work, blaming Russia doesn’t seem to be working either. They have now turned their attention to finding various ways to disrupt, undermine and ridicule his pending Presidency. Their latest idea is to hold a counter event on Trump’s inauguration day on January 20th. Ironically they have decided to call it a Freedom Concert, as if they even knew what freedom means.

The idea was started by former Secretary of Labour under Bill Clinton Robert Reich who is now a Facebook vlogger. The concert would feature performances from left wing celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jay Z, Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen. Reich suggested the concert could be hosted by Alec Baldwin playing the SNL parody version of Trump.

Reich believes that holding a rival event would detract ratings and attention from Trump’s inauguration which supposedly would drive him crazy. He also suggested that proceeds from the concern would go to progressive organisations such as the ACLU, GLAAD, Planned Parenthood and the NAACP. A fake promotional flyer circulated around the internet for the concert in the hope of generating more interest in the idea.

Regardless of whether this concert does take place it is interesting that the left only care about freedom and small government when somebody they don’t like is in power. They applaud all the people who have refused to participate in Trump’s inauguration ceremony yet they deny that freedom of Christian businesses who refuse to participate in same sex weddings because it violates their conscience.

An example of this sudden concern for limited government is the progressive news website The Advocate’s launch of a Trump Resistance section of their website hoping to put a stop to what they call Trump’s anti-equality agenda. It recently featured an ‘article’ from actor George Takei who drew parallels with Trump’s Presidency and Japanese internment camps and racial segregation. He talks about the fear he has about the power the new administration may wield and their ability to limit freedoms.

This resistance is a stunning about face from the left of the past eight years and the one that would have emerged if Hillary Clinton had been elected. They had been engaged in full scale assault on many American freedoms outlined in the United States Bill of Rights. They have attempted to limit free speech particularly at university campuses, and denied religious liberty to Christian businesses and organisations. They have attempted to take away the right to bear arms, dismissing people’s concerns about tyrannical governments. They have advocated taking away due process from criminal proceedings in rape allegations against men (other than Bill Clinton).

Many libertarians have stated this is perfect time to educate the left and progressive and the importance of limited government. This is extremely naïve as leftists will be happy to use libertarians as usual idiots in their battle against Trump but as soon as they get back into power in the future they will return to their tyrannical ways.

This is why it is disingenuous to call an anti-Trump concert a freedom concert and give the proceeds to groups who actually would like to take away freedoms remaining to Americans. But no matter how many celebrities they can muster for such a concern it still won’t dent the Trump train. These celebrities were out in numbers shilling for Hillary during the campaign but the American people chose not to listen. Something tells me the eyes of the nation will still be on the swearing in of the newly elected President.

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