Chicago: Racist anti-white hate crime committed by black thugs


WARNING: The following story contains graphic content.


A Facebook Live video has been discovered showing the disturbing footage of a young white man being tortured in a racially fuelled anti-white hate crime. The video shows a gang of black men violently assaulting the white man with the act filmed and uploaded on to social media by a black woman. Four people are already in custody with investigators examining the video.

The reason for the torture was because the white man is a Trump supporter, who is hated by many in the black community. He is forced to say “F*** Trump” and “F*** white people”, making evident the racial anti-white hate fuelling the act.

Two black men are seen torturing a white Trump supporter

The young man endured having his scalp sliced open after already being kicked and hit multiple times. The sickening act is further made gruesome by the fact that the man suffers “mental health challenges”.

The video was uploaded by Brittney Herring, who laughs as the man is forced to suffer. One of the attackers exclaim “f*** Donald Trump n****r, f*** white people, boy”.

The black woman, Brittney Herring, who filmed the act. 

Most importantly, the response by the mainstream media to the situation comes as no surprise with a stream of politically correct headlines. Only Fox News mentioned the racially fuelled nature of the torture. CBS, for example, simply said: “Chicago Police Investigate Apparent Live-Streamed Torture”, without even mentioning the words “hate crime” or “racism” once.

One of the attackers

Suppose the victim was a black man, and imagine the response of the left-wing biased media to that. Imagine the attackers were white and said “f*** black people”. The media would instantly put on the virtue-signalling hat and commence posting about the racist anti-black nature of America. But white people are not afforded this privilege in their own country by their own media.

The full video is available below:


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