Indigenous Terror Threat for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

The enabling by the mainstream media, the political class and the cultural left of radical indigenous activists has resulted in an alarming terrorist threat to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to take place in April this year.

Wayne Wharton who is the leader of the Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy who advocate the decolonisation of Australia has stated that Malcolm Turnbull’s defence of Australia Day and rejection of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament was pushing indigenous activists to terrorism “Malcolm Turnbull’s statements in the past three weeks are close to inciting (the use of) guns and (Aboriginal activists) taking up terrorism,” he said. “Some of our young people are not far off it with the things he’s said”.

Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy is co-hosting a tent embassy on the Gold Coast for the duration of the Games with the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance who were responsible for Melbourne’s vile Invasion Day rally where organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams said ‘F**k Australia, hope it  f**king burns to the ground’. They are labeling the Games the Stolen Wealth Games and their tent embassy is being accommodated by local games authorities.

Mr Wharton wants those Commonwealth countries that no longer have the Queen as head of state to put pressure Australia over its record on indigenous rights and wants Australia blacklisted from holding international events in the future. Mr Wharton has also burned effigies of those he considers traitors to the Aboriginal resistance such as Noel Pearson, Warren Mundine and Marcia Langton.

Mr Wharton’s threat comes after the games organizers have made a special effort for the Games to be inclusive to indigenous Australians which include having a reconciliation strategy and having the local Gold Coast Yugambeh people involved in the planning. These Commonwealth Games are already shaping up to be the most politically correct ever. Ironically local Yugambeh elder Ted Williams told the Australian that “If this fellow wishes to stay true to his indigenous identity, we expect to receive a request for permission to come on to our lands”.

Sky News host Paul Murray quite rightly pointed out last night that if Mr Wharton’s name was Mohammed he would have been taken off the streets already. In the age of lone wolf terror attacks many Australians would be quite rightly asking for action to be taken against Wharton and given our leaders have passed so many anti-terror laws since 9/11 surely there is justification for him to be charged.

Even though the left’s enabling has led to this dangerous terror threat don’t expect the left to condemn Wharton. In fact if he was arrested and charged they would label him a political prisoner and hold rallies to free him believing him to be a modern day Nelson Mandela. They refused to condemn at all Tarneen Onus Williams’ remarks.

Warren Mundine believes “It’s up to the security services to deal with them … but they’re very much on the fringe and they should be ignored, frankly”. But surely a line should be drawn in the sand against these radical indigenous activist who have been allowed free reign by our governments to become more and more extreme. Terrorists threats no matter who they come from should be taken seriously and demand action from our authorities.

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