Parkland Shooting Survivor Reveals Doctored Emails From CNN


Does CNN stand for Cable News Network or Concocted Notes Network? The family of a student who survived the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School which killed 17 people has come forward to present proof CNN doctored an email regarding a question the news network wanted him to ask at a town hall event it had sponsored.

The student Colton Haab explained to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that CNN executive producer Carrie Stevenson authored the question she specifically wanted him to ask lawmakers and advised him to “stick to the script”.

“In my interview with CNN, I had talked about arming the teachers, if they were willing to arm themselves in the school, to carry on campus. And they had – she had taken that, of what I had briefed on, and actually wrote that question out for me.”

CNN denied Colton’s claims. The network did admit Stevenson and Haab agreed on one question that Colton would ask. However, his father, Glenn Haab wanted Colton to read a lengthy speech which included three questions to ask lawmakers.

A disagreement between Stevenson and the father ensued. Stevenson argued that the speech was too long and Colton should just stick to the question they had agreed on. Glenn Haab responded they were “not actors” and threatened to pull out of the town hall meeting if Colton would not be allowed to read the prepared speech.

The exchange is captured in the emails provided by CNN and the Haab family. In CNN’s copy of the email, Stevenson wrote Glenn that Colton should just stick to a question they “discussed on the phone that he submitted.”


However in the email presented by the Haab family to Fox, the phrase “that he submitted” was deleted:


Metadata analysis of the Word document which contained the email appears to show that Glenn Haab was the last person to edit it. A CNN spokesman responded to the allegations made by the Haab family:

“It is unfortunate that an effort to discredit CNN and the town hall with doctored emails has taken any attention away from the purpose of the event. However, when presented with the doctored email exchanges, we felt the need to set the record straight.”

While Glenn Haab has yet to respond, President Donald Trump, a long-time favourite target of CNN took to Twitter again accusing the network as a purveyor of fake news:

“’School shooting survivor says he quit @CNN Town Hall after refusing scripted question.’ @TuckerCarlson. Just like so much of CNN, Fake News. That’s why their ratings are so bad. MSNBC may be worse.”

CNN has been under fire for allegedly using and coaching “Crisis Actors” or personalities paid to say rehearsed lines on media to advance the liberal agenda. In the case of Stoneman Douglas, student David Hogg who has been prominently featured in multiple interviews with the network and its affiliates is suspected of being a crisis actor for repeating the same statements on air.

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