GAYPOX ALERT: Media Pumps Monkeypox Fearporn!


Above is an example of the mainstream media’s Monkeypox fearporn.

So some gays have been catching a virus, so what? Aren’t people always catching virus’s anyway? Isn’t that the history of mankind? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 18 000 cases worldwide have been recorded and nearly all are in Europe and the Americas, which I think is odd, why would Asia and Africa be ignored by this virus? Does it prefer to holiday in white places? Is this a side effect of the certain type of covid jab Europe and America have been using? Or is there something political about how they record the monkeypox virus cases in these places?

The WHO has said there has only been 5 deaths. Wow so scary. This monkeypox virus only seems to be harming unhealthy sexually hardcore gay men, like the party boy ones on tons of drugs and who bang tons of men. They’ve probably got warts and other health problems too. It doesn’t surprise me they are getting monkeypox.

I don’t care that there’s this monkeypox virus around and I ain’t scared of it. The mainstream media has been banging on about it for a while now, why aren’t they talking about all the people who die of shark attacks every year? Look around, there’s many things that kill people across that world, and they’ve always been killing people, and the news doesn’t bother mentioning it, they don’t mention vaccine-caused deaths for example, which is way more than 5 people worldwide. But with this monkeypox virus, the news and government are kicking up a fuss. I think it’s because they want us scared of it, scare the sheep and then you can control them, like how a sheepdog barks loudly up close in the sheep’s faces, it pushes them in a certain direction. Well, the government’s doing that to us now. Where do they want us moving to? Maybe they want us all to get the monkeypox vaccine? Maybe they need to justify all the spending they have done on virus prevention, the quarantine camps they built etc? Maybe they need to pass bills in the parliament relating to pandemics? Maybe they need to encourage all the nations of the earth to sign up to the WHO?

When you don’t have any pandemics, when there’s nothing scaring the public, they don’t rush to sign up to the WHO, they don’t take vaccines and the government finds it harder to justify expanding the socialist healthcare system which is responsible for causing pandemics to be totally honest. The socialist healthcare system is there to reduce the population. Make money too of course, but very importantly to keep the sheeps numbers low. That’s why they ban treatments that work, and adopt treatments that don’t work. 

It’s as if a socialist government worker stands there with a clipboard and pen ‘does it kill people? Yes. Good and does it make us a lot of money? Yes. OK it’s approved.’

The approval process works opposite to how it pretends to be. The world communist government has worked damn hard trying to get us all uniting to fight fake enemies, now it’s Monkeypox. When theres no enemy we don’t unite, we keep to ourselves and do our own thing. Time and time again I see the socialists create problems, or pump up problems that are not problems in order to get us to become socialists-to join together and do something about climate change or a virus or some other crap. It’s a tactic the commies use to expand their world empires power and influence. It’s a sheep control tactic.

Monkeypox is following a similar path to AIDS. AIDS was popular among unhealthy lifestyle gay men in the 80s, there was no need for normal people to be scared of AIDS back then or now. We didn’t catch it, look history has proven that, that ain’t my conspiracy theory or anything, it didn’t kill everyone on earth which is what they said it was going to do. Remember the rumours circulating in like 1990?

Don’t trust them, viruses harm unhealthy people, just don’t be unhealthy. It’s that simple and if you’re unhealthy then don’t go to our socialist medical system, that certainly might kill you. A strong immune system relates to a strong stomach, guts and intestines. Eat the right food and your stomach, guts and intestines will remain strong, and then you won’t get sick. 

Note: food which is good for you makes you feel good after eating it, heaviness, tiredness, allergic reactions like a blocked nose, bloated stomach, a hot flush all indicate that your stomach is struggling because you just poured coke into your cars petrol tank if ya know what I mean. Eating right is difficult because so called health foods can actually make you worse, I follow the Gundry diet which is mainly avoiding lectins, sadly lectins are in many fruits and vegetables and they are ruining peoples guts thus causing much illness and death, and of course the socialist healthcare system doesn’t tell us about any of this.

Eat and drink poorly, take lots of party boy disco biscuits and bang lots of men, then you’ll get sick. But of course, the mainstream media won’t tell gays this. And then they will accuse me of being anti-gay simply because I use real and direct language, stuff polite pretty newspaper talk! They use fluffy polite words towards gays yet are telling them wrong advice, so who really is anti-gay here? Now do you know the real truth about AIDS?

The truth is that it wasn’t AIDS that knocked those gay fellas off, it was the drugs the socialist healthcare system gave them to treat it which killed them. And now they are pushing a monkeypox jab for the gay community, gee i wonder what will happen next? As if we are going to trust them. I’m not buying Monkeypox and I think they are using the one two punch technique, first hit was covid, now they are following it up with monkeypox in 2023, BAM BAM!

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Andy Nolch is the producer and host of KNOWLEDGE REPORT. He exposes leftist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the socialist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
Andy Nolch is the producer and host of KNOWLEDGE REPORT. He exposes leftist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the socialist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.