Here are some covid stats. So 84% of the population have had the two jabs, I totally believe that, and then 54% have had the three jabs, I also believe that, and only 15% have had the fourth jab, thats very believable too. 


As people keep getting these jabs they are more likely to get a bad side effect, so then they stop taking the jabs. I believe that the third, fourth jab rate will never get above 80%. Too many people are awake. Too many people will refuse them now. I have noticed that this year the government has backed off from its covid program. I am suspicious that they have looked at these statistics, seen all the protests and realised that they have pushed covid as far as they could for the moment and need to back off for now. 

They won’t publish articles that say ‘surveys show that many Australians hate covid rules, don’t want to follow them and don’t want to get anymore jabs’ but I’m suspicious this is the actual truth.

The gov knows these real statistics and have decided its best to back off from their covid social engineering program(or human farm management program). All throughout covid they have made out(using their mainstream media) that the covid rules were popular, people wanted to follow them and that vaccines were popular and not controversial, but this was just propaganda designed to trick people into following the covid rules and getting the jab. It’s just like what they did with the Black Panther movie. They create the impression that the movie was popular with advertising, so that then people go along and see it, but it wasn’t popular at all. It’s an advertising trick. And then when the movie goes bad at the box office they cover this up and still make out that the movie went well. So we are never going to hear from the government that the third and fourth jabs are a flop, a failure, we are never gonna hear from the government that no one wants to be forced to wear a mask or lockdown or get a vaccine. They are just going to continue to tell the public that the public wants these things and that they were successful actions to stop covid. Even though they didn’t stop covid, we have more covid than ever. 

The truth is that the jab caused the covid pandemic we are experiencing now, which we didn’t experience in 2020, that year was a fake media hype made pandemic. 

Look they are probably happy with what they have achieved in regards to covid. They ticked off many things from their socialist to do list. They probably want covid to be a thing forever, but if they cant achieve that, then they can still consider the past two years a roaring success and simply drop covid and move on. Which makes sense as they really have backed off from covid this year. We have far more freedoms now when compared with January. We might be witnessing here with these statistics that they have realised it’s time to move on, they know they’ve pushed the public as far as we can handle. Now they will either plan a new onslaught of covid for next year, or a whole new false flag stunt, a different one bigger or smaller than covid, but certainly designed like everything else they do to achieve socialistic goals.

SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!!! it’s governmental abuse of the citizens. 

And if you think socialism is OK then you dont realise you have Stockholm Syndrome(a condition where the abused person loves the abuser and thinks they cant live without them…WAKE UP). 

But theres also a third option we might experience in regards to covid. The socialists drop pushing it, but because of the permanent damage the jabs have caused to the immune systems of people who have taken them colds and flus will always be a problem in our society, hospitals will always be busy, people will always be dying at a higher rate than before covid, people will always be taking time off work, our economy will always been strained etc. This will go on and on until everyone has died out and we have only an unjabbed population remaining. 

So the covid program keeps going on even though they are not actively pushing it. 

Its like a ball rolling down a hill, they’ve pushed it hard at the start and now its rolling and they can sit back and not even push it yet well have all these things happen relating to it. They tick off more socialist to do list things without even trying. This is what I think will happen and why they pushed so damn hard for people to get as any jabs in their arms as possible in this two year period. 

Remember they are depopulationists, they are super worried that in 1000 years time earths population will be far too big, they think in huge terms of time. 

They also believe that humanity needs to do something about unhealthy dna on earth, therefore its OK to kill off the weak, its their moral duty. The jabs are doing this. They are socialists, they believe its their duty to control the planet and plan for the future and organise us together into a harmonious world government. 

They don’t believe in just leaving people alone and that people have a right to be left alone with freedom, that’s too wild and dangerous they think.

They don’t believe in the wild wild west philosophy, hence their internet clamp down, hence all the violations of freedom of speech on the net, it used to be the wild wild west, little rules and it was fantastic. This is why they come up with stuff like covid. They think its sophisticated classy and clever management of the human race which is like a farm animal to them. 

THINK 1984!

That book exposes how English socialism operates, and English socialism has taken over earth, except possibly China and Russia.  The socialists are the farmers, we are the cattle on the farm. And it’s good to see the cattle waking up and refusing the injections. Set yourself free while standing in the prison. 

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Andy Nolch is the producer and host of KNOWLEDGE REPORT. He exposes leftist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the socialist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
Andy Nolch is the producer and host of KNOWLEDGE REPORT. He exposes leftist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the socialist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.