During the past six months the Australian freedom movement has exploded in numbers. Attendance at rallies is at least ten times the amount it was earlier in the year, and the variety and amount of protest events have increased by exponentially. Gone are the days of one protest a month with poor attendance. There are protests occurring all over the nation all the time with ridiculously huge attendance to some.

Just recently I covered the Carols for the Unvaxed in Caulfield Park in Inner Melbourne. People have bulhorned the Salvation Army Headquarters and ABC, and there was a picnic for the unvaxed along the river in Southbank. No QR Check ins of course!

Freedom fighters sure are creative and this is whilst the usual weekend protest has been running. It’s been about 6 weeks straight that Melbourne has had a Saturday rally and it’s not looking like stopping, another is planned for this Saturday. The unvaxxed are still locked out of most venues in Victoria so they’ve found other ways to enjoy their weeknds.

On top of all this, there was the daily protest at Parliament House which was getting great attendance and now which has morphed and moved into the Governer’s House in the Botanical Gardens, known as the ‘vigil’. The numbers are not as big but these dedicated protesters have refused to leave and are living at a gazebo rotunda in the park until they get their freedom back. And it looks like this vigil is not dying down. They vow not to leave.

Melbournians are tough people, we don’t back down easily, the feeling on the ground is that no one is going to stop fighting for the time being. I can only see the movement growing even more unless some major rules are dropped. The government and media are pushing the OmniCON strain and booster shots, along with boasting about building Victorian MRNA vaccine factories so the people know that if we don’t resist now they will not stop this program. Sadly it’s quite clear now that they are going to use covid as an excuse to control us for the long term. This isn’t just a two-year event that will be solved by reaching a 90% vaccinated rate. New strains, boosters and further lockdowns appear to be planned for the future.

One interesting thing about the massive growth of the freedom movement is that different groups have started to pop up offering different solutions to the problem of covid tyranny. We’ve got Craig Kelley’s United Australia Party with a Liberal Party yet with covid freedom theme, the Cafe Locked Out crew which has a Christian feeling, the group at the vigil known as the Australia Unified Movement which believes Aboriginal tribal law, Reignite Democracy Australia and many others. People can pick and choose the group they feel aligns with their values. It seems that Dan Andrews has annoyed Victorians so much that people who in the most had major political differences are now uniting to fight for a common cause, the cause of freedom.

There is also another active protest group, although quite different, Antifa who are fighting against the freedom movement and have done some rallies to raise awareness of the “dangerous freedom loving people.” This has caused the odd problem. Latest thing is that a well-masked Antifaagent ran into the vigil site at the Governer’s House and grabbed a key woman of AUM, showing a clear lack of respect for women. It ended up with AUM’s male leader Billy being arrested and fined. So their usual dirty tactics are being continued. Well with the freedom movements numbers absolutely dwarfing Antifa’s they are going to have to work extremely hard to achieve anything effective.

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