Dr Jordan B. Peterson to Return to Australia With Special Guest Dave Rubin

World renowned Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is set to return to our shores for a full tour of Australia and New Zealand next year. This follows his successful three city tour of Australia earlier this year which sold out. It has also been confirmed that Peterson will be bringing a special guest, host of the popular web show the Rubin Report, Dave Rubin. Tickets go sale on November 30 with the presale period beginning on November 28.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson first shot to fame in September 2016 when in a video lecture series he spoke out against the Canadian government’s bill C-16 which would have made it a criminal offense to not call somebody by their preferred gender pronoun.

Since then he has obtained a worldwide following with his critique of political correctness, identity politics, post modernism and neo-Marxist influence. Peterson’s following is especially prolific in young men, the main demographic neglected by modern life coach movements.

Peterson’s most recent publication the self help book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos has sold over 2 million copies, his YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers, and his Patreon account has over 8,000 patron which Peterson is using to launch accredited online humanities education for people all around the world.

Special guest Dave Rubin started as a standup comedian but is now known as an online political commentator through his web show the Rubin Report which features long form interviews with prominent public figures. Originally Rubin was a leftist but now calls himself a classical liberal due to the American progressive/regressive left becoming consumed with identity politics and political correctness and moving against free speech.

Peterson’s first Australian tour was hosted by True Arrow Events but this new expanded Australian tour is being promoted on and tickets are on sale through Peterson’s own personal website. Peterson is also embarking on an American and Canadian tour.

Peterson returning to Australia is a sign the high demand for right of centre speakers is continuing and there is certainly no tour fatigue. Australia in the past year has seen Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molynuex, Douglas Murray and Nigel Farage tour. As well as Peterson’s return Stephen Hicks, Tommy Robinson, Gavin McInness and Christina Hoff Summers are due to tour Australia in 2019.

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