Dumbest Left Wing Petition Yet: Raging Against David Leyonhjelm’s Non-Existent Entitlement

The left might have outdone themselves this time letting their outrage cloud their judgement. One politician they are consistently triggered by is Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm who has long been a lone voice in the Senate campaigning against unafforable and unnecessary welfare entitlements. Last week he especially triggered Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young when he voted in favor of reforming childcare subsidies last week so they would no longer be received by households earning more than $350,000 a year. Hanson-Young raged against a middle aged bloke talking away assistance from working women. She was obviously trying to imply that Leyonhjelm’s vote was an act of misogyny, once again proving that modern feminism aims to portray women as helpless needing government to be their husband.

It is triggered reactions like Hanson-Young’s to Leyonhjelm’s quest to curb our growing welfare bill that has led to the dumbest left wing petition yet. It is asking David Leyonhjelm to promise never to receive a parliamentary pension. The petition references Leyonhjelm’s view that the test for the age pension needs to be tightened as it states ‘If Senator Leyonhjelm considers the aged pension as welfare then so should he consider the parliamentary pension as welfare, not an entitlement. We’ve been told the age of entitlement is over so why does the parliamentary pension still exist?’.

There’s only one problem. Parliamentary pensions no longer exist. They were abolished for all members of parliament who were elected after 2004 after then Labor Leader Mark Latham managed to convince John Howard to reform parliamentary entitlements. Now MPs only receive as part of their pay contributions of 15.4 per cent into their nominated superannuation account. Clearly the creator of this petition is so blinded with rage and probably their own sense of entitlement that they are completely unaware of what the law actually states.

It is interesting that this petition to this non existent problem only applies to small government politicians, the creator is happy for Greens, Labor and even Liberal MPs to receive obscene amounts of taxpayer’s money. The petition has caught the attention of David Leyonhjelm himself who has happily signed it himself and so have many of his followers, the comments on the petition put its creator to shame.

The petition is set to be delivered to Senator Leyonhjelm and Greens Leader Richard Di Natale who of course is not being asked to give up any entitlements. Sorry lefties but if you want to try and accuse a libertarian of hypocrisy, you’ll have to do better than ask them to swear off entitlements that no longer exist. Just last week Leyonhjelm was one of only six Senators to vote in favor of a freeze on politicians pay, he has proven himself more than capable of walking the walk when it comes to his own entitlements.

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