BREAKING: Outgoing Jakarta Governor found guilty of blasphemy


Indonesia has taken another dark turn in an Islamist direction with the outgoing Governor of Jakarta Ahok, who is of a Chinese Christian background was found guilty of blasphemy by an Indonesian court. The charges stemmed from a a perfectly reasonable statement he made on the campaign trail stating that the Koran did not forbid Muslims from voting for a non-Muslim candidate.

Ahok lost the recent gubernatorial election in Jarkata which was seen as a test of the power of radical Islam in Indonesia. It should be noted that Ahok had never been democratically elected as Governor but was elevated to position following incumbent Governor Joko Widodo election to the Presidency in 2014.

At the Unshackled we have previously reported on the concerning Islamist direction Indonesia was taking, not just because of the political campaign against Ahok but also the enacting of sharia law in the Aceh province. With today’s news it would appear that the concept of secular democracy in Islamic majority nations is dying. We are seeing the same thing in once secular Turkey.

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