And the first ever genderless award for best actor goes to… a rabid feminist.


One thing is for sure, feminism has become a parody of itself. The MTV movie awards on the other hand were always a joke.

I’d like to tell you some good things about the latest Disney live action remake of a classic cartoon, Beauty and the Beast but the movie was so dull that I couldn’t tolerate much more than the first song. Reading through the reviews, both good and bad, it seems that the people who liked it didn’t have much to say about Emma Watson’s performance as Belle, and those who didn’t like it found her constant endeavor to insert feminism into 17th century France to be out of place and on the nose. But that didn’t bother the panel of the MTV movie awards, they gave her the trophy anyway.

It’s worth pointing out that beyond her role as the much-loved Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, Watson has not had a stellar career. A few average films not compensating well enough for some critical flops. Indeed the studios seem to be very reluctant to throw much money behind her, and what little they have thrown behind her hasn’t seemed to have provided much of a return.

Her feminist credentials on the other hand are outstanding. Her appointment as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador(sic) marked the start of the hilariously hypocritical “HeForShe” campaign in which men from all around the world were “invited” (read: commanded) to join the fight for further female privilege. Having flunked out of Brown University she upheld her belief that people should be judged by what’s on the inside by only dating hot rich celebrities.

So naturally when MTV movie awards decided to replace the awards for best actor and actress with a single award, best performance, it wasn’t going to be James McAvoy’s stunning range in ‘Split’ or Hugh Jackman’s tearjerking role in ‘Logan’. Of course not, the newly genderless award for best performance can’t go to a man, being an award inspired by feminist pretentiousness it has to go to the pretentious feminist.

Otherwise we the ignorant public might have come to the erroneous conclusion that, all else being equal, a man might be capable of delivering a better performance than a woman. The world as we know it would come to an end.

Despite the clearly evident truth that everyone in ‘Logan’, right down to the guy who played the Gas Station Attendant, delivered a better performance than Emma Watson on her best day, the movie did not contain a single feminist theme. It was all about men finding their purpose through family and the self-sacrifice of fatherhood. To give an award to such misogynistic propaganda could potentially indicate that MTV thinks men have problems too.

Unfortunately for feminism the MTV movie awards have zero credibility. Kristen Stewart managed to win it three years in a row for ‘Twilight’, before they switched over to giving it to Jennifer Lawrence for whatever she happened to be in that year.

2014 is so hilariously backward it’s a wonder nobody noticed that in a field that included Bradley Cooper (American Hustle), Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave), Leonardo Dicaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club), all of whom were nominated for Oscars with Matthew McConaughey winning it, the panel of judges at the MTV movie awards gave it to Josh Hutcherson for his role as Peeta in ‘The Hunger Games Catching Fire’.

So this year is no exception to their ongoing legacy of giving awards to crap performances in movies designed to liberate pocket money from teenaged girls. It is possible that the judges were not effete talentless leftists trying to make a political point; it’s possible they’re immature tasteless simpletons who literally do not know what a good performance is. I’m not sure which is worse so it’s very hard to give the benefit of the doubt, but in either case they should not be taken seriously.

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