Bill Shorten apologizes for putting Australians first: “It was an oversight.”


For a few hours yesterday morning Australians had hope that the political class had finally recognized the problems that an open-door immigration policy was causing. Politicians from the Liberal party, the Labor party, and the Greens were all quick to condemn such common sense. Bill Shorten immediately apologized for putting Australians first, tweeting it was “A bad oversight that won’t happen again.”

Anthony Albanese quickly pointed out that giving Australian’s hope for immigration reform was something that “should never have been produced or shown”. He described the ad thusly: “It’s a shocker of an ad. It’s not the sort of ad that I want my party to be promoting,” because as his party is the party of workers, what is most important is that it stick up for foreigners.

Not to be out-cucked Liberal MP Craig Laundy accused Bill Shorten of xenophobia, calling Bill Shorten’s claim that he didn’t know he was putting Australian’s first “bullshit”.

Arthur Sinodinos immediately sided with Labor leftist Anthony Albanese, and accused Bill Shorten of the worth crime of all, trying to appeal to voters who had left the Labor party to support One Nation. He pointed out that listening to regional Australians risks offending the inner city cliques that rule the country.

Multicultural affairs minister Zed Seselja has accused Bill Shorten of “harking back to the ALP’s White Australia policy” with Labor’s “Australian first” television advertisement.

The Greens couldn’t understand why Bill Shorten would put Australian’s first, Sarah Hanson-Young labeled the idea as “Awful. Just awful.”

The media quickly turned on Bill Shorten’s shameless attempt to get elected by appealing to the marginalized and disaffected whites manning dole queues around the country. Negative stories from the ABC and SBS of course, but Newscorp was not far behind.

All of this comes as former Labor Leader Mark Latham joined the David Leyonhjelm’s Liberal Democrat Party.

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