As Crime in Victoria Surges, Daniel Andrews Unleashes the Thought Police Instead

Victoria is in the midst of a crime wave thanks to the soft law and order approach of the Daniel Andrews Labor state government where home invasions, car jackings and gang violence are now becoming rampant. Youth Justice centers have now become unmanageable with constant riots including the recent escape of several youth offenders who then went on a 24-hour crime spree.

Although not a state government responsibility the open-door immigration policy of the federal government taking in thousands of migrants over the past 30 years from the Middle East and Africa has also fueled this current crime surge. When these migrants commit crimes of course it couldn’t possibly be because they are failing to assimilate or bringing with them a backwards culture, instead it must be because we Australians are so racist towards them, resulting in them turning to crime.

Well that would be the position of the Andrews government based on yesterday’s announcement, that the real threat facing Victoria is not rising crime but the evil far right. Forget real police, Daniel Andrews is unleashing the thought police instead with a series of new anti-racism measures costing $1 million.

Along with a taxpayer funded advertising campaign to show in Victoria that diversity is our strength the measures include a crackdown of alleged racism in the state. These include cracking down on supposed discrimination and “unconscious bias” against some people who seek approval to rent a home. Beware landlords you could soon be branded a racist for wanting a good tenant. The feminist school program Respectful Relationships will now be expanded to include lessons on racial prejudice and discrimination. Great just want we need, more indoctrination of our children.

Other measures include cracking down on the alleged epidemic of racist abuse on public transport. Also, stronger complaint mechanisms so that reports of racism are acted on by authorities. Forget physical safety, being protected from bad words is what concerns this government. These measures have the potential to turn any upstanding citizen into a publicly branded racist with these vague definitions of what a racist is.

The program has a Victorian Values statement and has ambassadors from each of the ethnic communities. At the press conference launching the measures Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott said “I see this in part as a struggle between fear and hope,” adding “It’s important for the future of our community that hope wins.” So, if we all hold our hands together Victoria’s problems will magically go away.

Sorry but the world doesn’t work like that. If this government is worried about the surge in so called racism maybe it is a hint to look at who is driving this surge in crime. If the police crackdown on crime, period (without even thinking about race) that might solve any underlying racial tension as Victorians will feel naturally more at ease with greater multiculturalism.

Ironically this announcement was made the day after a massive brawl had erupted in Federation Square between different groups of ‘’youths’’ during Melbourne’s White Night Celebrations. A perfect illustration of disconnect between this government and the reality of what is happening on the streets.

Despite all the evidence that Victoria is becoming more dangerous, this government is still living in the leftist fantasy that the only thing stopping their multicultural paradise being erected are those evil far right people who are full of hate for no good reason. And if we can have a good purge of anyone we perceive of holding such views Victoria will be the perfect utopia.

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