It’s easy to despair with the state of Australian politics. Both our major parties are still led by extreme left wing leaders who are unwilling to listen to the concerns of the Australian people. However, it is worth giving credit to those politicians in our federal parliament who are still not afraid to stand up for what is right and trigger and offend the left and the media.

Liberal Andrew Laming Federal Member for Bowman, a seat in South East Queensland is one of these. While most backbenchers prefer to play safe and spew out the regular government approved talking points, Andrew Laming leaves us in no doubt of his point of view. He is extremely active on Facebook both on his personal account as well as his official page.

Lately he has not been afraid to give us his take on some of the key cultural issues that dominate a lot of our political discourse. Most importantly he is not afraid of the leftist media outrage machine and triggering the left-wing lynch mob that aims to silence anyone who dare question their agenda.

A few recent posts of his are worth highlighting. The first is the map he shared of Europe and the Middle East which points out for some reason alleged Syrian refugees are not simply going to next available peaceful country, but travel all the way to Germany for some reason. The graph points out that perhaps it is the generous welfare to refugees that Germany offers that attracts them and maybe they are fleeing for a reason other than to protect their lives.

Another post was a response to an article on him featuring a refugee activist who was triggered by his response to her email demanding that the government bring all the refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to Australia. Laming replied promptly and bluntly with an answer she didn’t like “Sorry, but nice try”. In the article Laming stated “Unfortunately for Vicki, I am siding with the huge majority of Australians who want tough borders, no more boats, nor drownings at sea.” Laming stood by his reply and didn’t mind offending this left-wing activist.

Another post was Laming stating his opposition to the Queensland Labor government attempt to decriminalize abortion in that state up until birth. Leftists and feminist rage against anyone who dare defend the lives of the unborn, so it is refreshing to see a Federal MP stand up for the right to life despite the barrage of abuse he would receive. Given that Labor governments in Victoria and Tasmania had introduced liberal abortion laws in those states the pro-life movement needs every politician possible to stand up with them.

However, Laming’s record is not completely unblemished. He was one of the key instigators of the February 2015 failed leadership spill against Tony Abbott which marked the beginning of the end of his Prime Ministership. Given that Malcolm Turnbull’s politics are clearly not in tune with Laming’s it seems quite bizarre that he traded a Prime Minister who he would largely agree with in policy for one with the complete opposite.

But Laming still has a vote and voice in the party room and if he is not afraid to tell us what he thinks in a public forum on Facebook then it is more than likely he is not afraid to do so in the party room. Perhaps it is due to MP’s like Laming that we are not seeing Turnbull move in an even more leftward direction. On balance Laming deserves admiration for the voice is giving to so many Australians currently feeling disenfranchised.

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