Trump Was Right About Sweden, Fake News Media Lies Again


trump sweden

The mainstream media joyfully believe they have caught President Trump lying when he told a rally for his supporters in Melbourne, Florida, “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden … Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden … They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

The media jumped to the conclusion he was talking about a recent terror attack in Sweden therefore they gleefully reported on the reaction of a baffled Swedish government stating that they were not aware that a terrorist attack had happened in their country and asked for clarification from the US State Department.

However, this narrative by the mainstream media that Trump was simply making an event up shows they have lost all objectivity and are activity looking for ways to paint him in a negative light. His comments also need to be put into the context of the fact that he was not speaking to the mainstream media at this rally but to his supporters, in fact the event was designed to bypass the mainstream media.

What Trump was referring to was an interview on Fox News the previous night, which Tucker Carlson did with documentary maker Ami Horowitz about their film Stockholm Syndrome. It isabout the rise of crime and rape in Sweden due to mass immigration and the cover-up by the Swedish authorities. For Trump supporters Tucker Carlson Tonight is must-watch television so Trump said this with the assumption that most of the attendees there had watched the program or had at least heard of its content.

Another reason that the mainstream media likely engaged in this misrepresentation of Trump’s remarks is to cover up the fact that their supposed socialist paradise of Sweden is in a state of crises thanks to its large migrant intake from Africa and Middle East over the past 30 years. As a result of Trump’s remarks people are starting to dig into what is happening in Sweden and being exposed to the true horrifying nature of what has gone on in that country. This is why Swedish authorities were so quick to decry his remarks.

But news about the rape and crime epidemic in Sweden have managed to find their way into the western press. These include the fact that a Swedish town as now warned women not to go out alone at night due to the risk of sexual assault. A group of migrants in Sweden broadcast live on Facebook their gang rape of a Swedish woman. Migrants have an incredibly low employment rate and are known to complain if their government funded accommodation is not five star. Migrant youth have also caused riots in Stockholm in recent years, in fact there are reports of another migrant riot in Stockholm just today.

Swedish women such as Ingrid Carlqvist are now talking to the western media about how dangerous the modern Swedish state has become for women and how yet again modern feminists for which Sweden is a country where they are most influential have failed to protect women from actual harm.

While the mainstream media are continuing to construct the narrative that Trump is unhinged, a liar and his administration is in chaos. Those who actually look into what he says objectivity and still adhere to reason know that he is exposing the truth to the masses who for so long have been misled by what the mainstream media has told them. More people are now awake about what immigration has done to Sweden thanks to Trump, and do not want the United States to go down the same path.

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