African Youth Gang Crime Spreads to Brisbane


With much of the national media attention being on Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave with the blame being put at politically correct policing and a judiciary handing out soft sentences Australians living in other major cities have been saying to themselves ‘lucky we don’t live in Melbourne’ and suffer from having an inept Premier such as Daniel Andrews.

However residents in Brisbane may be thinking differently now after a 17 year old girl was mugged while on her way to a 7-Eleven at Riverhills in Brisbane’s West. The mugging happened in broad daylight at around 1.30pm on a busy road on January 12 with the 7-Eleven only a 6 minute walk from the girl’s home.

The girl was targeted by four men described as African in appearance traveling in a white Toyoya Hilux with green P-plates attached with one of the men jumping out the back on the car and held a gun to her head demanding money. The girl is traumatized by the horrific incident and now does not want to leave her house.

Seven News Brisbane interviewed local residents shocked by the incident who said they did not expect such a criminal act to happen in their city. The same 7-Eleven the girl was walking towards had been subjected to an armed robbery at 2.30am in the day however police claim the two incidents are not related.

Could this mean that African Youth Gang crime is actually a national issue? Melbourne’s Herald Sun reported today that police intelligence has revealed the African youths who were responsible for some of the most high profile violent crimes to hit Melbourne over the holiday period were actually from interstate who were in Melbourne for a basketball tournament sponsored by Victoria Police. A large contingent of these youths have remained in the state.

Although law and order is a state government responsibility (Queensland is also governed by a Labor-left Premier) it is clear the federal government needs to do its bit. This includes rolling out the national criminal intelligence system which has been in a two year trial. Also limiting immigration from the African nations where this young criminals are coming from needs to be considered. The last thing our nation needs is for the African youth gang crime wave to spread nationally.


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