Australia Post Keypass ID Cards Also Now Do Not List Gender

There has been much reaction ever since the Courier Mail’s report on the Queensland Government’s move to no longer list gender on the state’s drivers licences which had began being issued in October 2016.

It was labelled in the article as political correctness gone mad and many Australian claimed that it was further evidence of the gender bending madness that is now pervasive in our society which had been made worse by the legalization of genderless marriage. Liberal National Party Opposition Leader Deb Freklington also spoke out against the change claiming the Palaszczuk was focused on fringe issues.

Defenders of the change claim it is only bringing Queensland into line with other states which do not list gender on their drivers licences which is to comply with anti-discrimination laws and that operating a motor vehicle had nothing to do with gender. Queensland Department of Transport stated the change had nothing to do with complaints from the LGBT lobby.

It turns out that Queensland driver’s licences weren’t the only form of ID in Australia to recently no longer list gender. The Australia Post Keypass ID which is a valid form of ID for things such proof of age for liquor and tobacco purchases and confirming your identity when applying for things such as a bank account changed its design in October last year with them now omitting gender, all other identity details from the old design are listed.

The application form for the new keypass does still ask for gender however gives three options: male, female or other.

This change did not attract any press coverage it when it was rolled out and it is unknown what the reasons behind the changes were. However it certainly confirms a trend from government agencies which issue ID documents not to list gender were it is deemed not be a necessary personal characteristic to know.

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