BREAKING: Anti-Terror Raids Near the Town of Young in New South Wales

There has been an anti-terror raid carried out this afternoon by the Australian Federal Police near the town of Young, New South Wales. Young has gained a reputation as the unofficial country Muslim capital of Australia with over 400 Muslims living in the town. Local police have already expressed their concern for the town becoming a hotbed of radical Islamic extremism and have been on heightened alert.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Justice Minister Michael Keenan and the Australian Federal Police at a press conference in Canberra stated that a 42 year old man was arrested as it has been uncovered that he was advising Islamic State how to develop high tech weapons including missiles. Turnbull said that terrorism is not confined to the cities, well it is pretty obvious why terror activity has been uncovered in Young.


Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin states this was an 18 month investigation. The advice he was providing was of a sophisticated nature, he is an Australian citizen and Australian born and is believed to be acting alone.


The man has been identified as Haisem Zahab and appeared at a Young Local Court this afternoon after being charged with two foreign incursion offences for which the maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

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