“I’m proud to be black!” When you hear that, a lot of people would view the one who made that statement as a brave person fighting oppression. Now let’s try something else; “I’m proud to be WHITE!” OUCH! THAT’S RACIST! So let’s work out why being black is ok, by being white is not.

Martin Luther King Jr would be considered right wing today after making this statement; “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” That may sound reasonable, but to our idiot friends on the left, “DATS WAYCIST!” So how did white people become such a hated RACE of people by the “ANTI RACISTS”? My answer and yours may be different, it is brainwashing and an invasion. We are being made to feel guilty over things we didn’t do personally so that we will accept the inevitable takeover. We are losing our homelands to mass immigration from Islamic and Third World countries, our women are being brutally attacked, our elderly are being terrorised and our youth are being indoctrinated to hate themselves because of their skin color. Is this fair?

This kind of hatred stems from the “politics of envy”. As a race we have achieved great things in art, culture, science, medicine and various other technologies and advancements, you ask any of these “haters of white people” what country they would prefer to live in, they will choose the country with all the white people. So now it is clear to see this is an invasion. A racist invasion

if you think these people want peace with you, look to South Africa, white people are having their homes taken and have been the targets of racially motivated attacks and have had many groups call for their genocide. These are farmers, they have families. And we have “activist” groups heading out on a tirade of hate, showing that you can take the man out of the third world, but you can’t take the third world out of the man. Look at England with the Muslim Enclaves, the no go zones.

Now onto the question of racism in the 1st world. Look at this picture


What do you see here that is troubling? Could it be that saying “I hate white people” is considered as not racist by saying “I hate black people” is racist? Why the massive difference? Surely saying you hate someone based on race is considered racist, sadly no, as a white person, you apparently cannot be a victim of racism. I just see this as an excuse to be racist and suffer no consequences. It is a way of shifting all the blame for your own problems onto someone else, and because white people are more advanced in achievements and technology, it is a more believable story.

So in conclusion, white people suffer the most racism in the West, to the point that it is acceptable for their homelands to be invaded. If you’re white, stay proud, don’t let anyone tear you down for it.


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