So, just when you thought our friends wearing night gowns and Curtin displays had calmed down, one has decided to hype up again and claim that Muslims are oppressed in Australia. Let’s work out how oppressed we are making the main cast of “Burqas Backyard” feel.

So our sob story comes from a Bangladeshi “Refugee” who is crying oppression because people seem to be worried about the choices of clothing that Muslim women wear, she complained about how she had been attacked but the police didn’t take it seriously (probably because you didn’t have evidence, and Muslims have a habit of concocting fake hate crime stories).

Lets have a look at this “oppression” she speaks of. Oppression is “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority.” Now in Australia we live in a democracy, Men and Women have the same rights and so do Christians and Muslims, but why do our local bomb makers and failed pilots feel like they are being oppressed? It is because Islam is being questioned and they have no answers. An islamophobe is someone who knows too much about Islam, someone who can see right through taqqiya, and someone who rejects totalitarian ideals. Muslims cry oppression when their web of lies and deceit start coming undone, they cry oppression when people calm them out on their bullshit, they cry oppression when people disagree and they cry oppression when WE refuse to fall over on their command.

Islam oppresses women. Between the genital Mutilations and rapes, bearings, beheadings, acid throwing cases, and the lack of a drivers license, women in Islamic countries bear the brunt of the oppressive ideals of Islam “the religion of peace 🌸”. The religion of peace had caused more deaths than any other religion in the last 10 years. Bombings, beheadings, knife attacks, sieges and even bombing a concert full of children is some of the fine artistic works of Islam. Rapes in Europe from Islamic Migrants, have gone sky high.

So when The Burqa talks about oppression, what is she talking about, Rapes and murders that her religion supports? Or the questioning done by Australians who call bullshit on the ideals of this death cult…

you decide…

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