A lot of people tell us that feminism is about equality between Men and Women, but what happened to our beloved women? What turned feminists from strong women fighting for the right to vote and work into Odious and hideous, unsightly creatures? What turned them from beautiful to something that makes Shrek look like a supermodel? Let’s work this out.

Where did all this begin?

The suffragettes were the “Real heroes” of women’s rights, it was because of them that women got the right to vote, they didn’t care about trivial topics such as “Microaggressions” and “Manspreading”, because they didn’t have the mentality of weak and spoiled children, they didn’t have the feeling of self entitlement, they wanted the same rights as men, and THAT is TRUE feminism.


Feminism today!

Everything is rape!

What is rape? most of us will say it is the forcing of oneself onto another person and having sex with them against their will, but for Feminists the story is different, Rape according to a feminist is anything that makes her feel uncomfortable, making it easier to make up fake rape allegations. Making up fake rape allegations hurts the credibility of real rape cases. If feminism keeps crying wolf when supposed “Rape” happens, even though it could be just catcalling, when a real rape happens people will start wondering if it is made up. How selfish for feminists to try and use rape as a platform to push their political agenda.

Islam or Women’s rights?

“Feminists” of today would sooner be forced to go on a diet instead of offending an ideology that would truly oppress them. Beheadings, beatings and rapes are an everyday occurance in ‘Islamic countries’. But where are the feminists when fellow members of their “Sisterhood” are beaten for stepping out of the house for a waltz down the street without a “Male chaperone”? They stay SILENT. Feminists don’t care about women, in fact feminism has betrayed women by choosing ‘Islam’ over equality.

Idiots like Linda Sarsour are fake feminists, they don’t care about women, they just use feminism as a platform to push their shitty agenda. Feminists line the streets with signs and burqas and they chant with their annoying shrieking voices “MUSLIMS ARE WELCOME! RACISTS ARE NOT!”, and it is a mind numbing experience watching wildebeests march in defense of an ideology that will take all their rights away and turn them into society’s slave.

Fat acceptance

Listen, there is NOTHING attractive about looking like the michelin man. Fat acceptance has destroyed women, instead of promoting a healthy lifestyle where women can be strong and take pride in their appearance and their achievements, they promote a lifestyle where you are at more risk of dying from Heart failure and your greatest achievement is being able to stand up. The fat acceptance movement is just another way for people who are lazy to feel validated. There is nothing beautiful about being on the verge of death. Stop thinking you’re being oppressed by people who are warning you of your impending self explosion.


These idiots are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Around the world women experience: Child marriage, genital mutilation, rape, beatings, stonings, beheadings and all sorts of other terrible feats, but nothing… and i mean NOTHING compares to “MANSPREADING!”

Manspreading is the triggering action of sitting with your legs slightly apart so you DO NOT end up crushing your genitals. But for some unknown reason, 3rd wave Swamp Ogres have found a massive issue with men sitting comfortably, as if us men don’t cop enough ridicule already for not cleaning up the tool shed. Feminism is scraping the bottom of the oppression barrel, desperate to find something to whinge about. If you have to go out and look for something that oppresses you, then you are not oppressed, Stop bringing shame to the Suffragettes.

Victim mentality!

Nothing makes women feel empowered like always turning them into a victim of some fake crime such as “Manspreading” or “Cat calling”. Modern feminism has made women out to be weak and not capable of achieving the same outcomes as men, Feminism hurts women more than helps them. If you want to empower someone, stop turning them into a victim. You know the Joke “How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? None, because feminists can’t change anything”, that joke is true, feminists cannot change anything because there is nothing to change. Women have equality now. Once a movement has achieved its goal, the movement should dissolve, not continue marching on crying about air conditioning also being sexist. Feminism today is anti women which explains why only 18% of Americans identify as a feminists but 85% of Americans believe in Equality of the Sexes.


So what happened?

My feelings!

These days children are taught by society that their “Feelings matter”. Sorry to break your safe space but your feelings are about as important to me as dieting is to a feminist. No one’s feelings deserve special treatments, ESPECIALLY when facts are involved. When people get this mentality hammered into their heads by teachers, college professors, the media and purple haired snowflakes, they seem to feel like they have some unwaverable “Right” to not be offended, and anyone who offends them gets torn to shreds very swiftly, loses their jobs and sometimes gets into trouble with the law, this is a very hefty and unfair price to pay for saying something that “Triggered” someone.

Being told they are a victim!

Tell someone a lie enough times, they will begin to believe it. Feminists of today have been lied into believing they are oppressed by a “Patriarchal System” that hosts a so called “Rape Culture”, both of these allegations are blatant lies, in western countries, there is NO SUCH THING as a “Rape culture”, if there was a rape culture we would be celebrating rape instead of locking rapists away. Women have been told their whole life they are victims, all while getting softer sentences in court than men, can say anything they want without being labeled as sexists and being favoured in divorce cases where men lose most of their belongings as well as their kid, just for being a man. That is sexism. Real sexism.

In conclusion! 

Feminism now hurts women rather than helps them. Help yourself by “Not Being A Feminist.”


Written by Logan Spalding.




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