The 40th Anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras aims to be bigger than ever with LGBTQIA-Z icon Cher announced to headline the event. Despite the mainstream media and our politicians embracing such an occasion, one must look deeper in order to understand the sinister impact this is having on our society. With the ongoing eradication of the foundations of which this country was built on, it is time that someone stands up and says enough is enough.

Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s we were seeing a radical change taking place within the social and political realm. From the stable nationalist Menzies government to a chaotic progressive Labor one, there were many movements that had been created with a purpose of inflicting damage to the traditional social norms that society always knew. Although these movements were making an impact, even back then nobody would of thought of the extent to which laws would change drastically over time.

South Australia was the first state to decriminalise homosexuality back in 1975. The ACT then followed in 1976, Victoria in 1980, Northern Territory in 1983, New South Wales in 1984, Queensland and Western Australia in 1990, and Tasmania in 1997. Tasmania was forced to conform by the Keating Government in 1994 when the Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Act to override all state and territory legislation pertaining to sexual conduct for consenting adults was introduced. As strong family values based conservative governments fell, progressive Labor ones continued to pursue a Marxist agenda that aimed to eradicate a moral society.

As soon as decriminalisation began in 1975, it was all but certain that a homosexual street parade would follow in the same footsteps as it had done in San Francisco. People of the day were shocked at what they saw taking place on the streets and rightfully so the police set out to shut it down and arrested many people that took part in the first march on the 24th June 1978. The following year however the NSW parliament repealed the NSW Summary Offences Act legislation and instead created a new Public Assemblies Act, which meant Sydneysiders no longer had to apply for a permit to have a demonstration. Apart from some moral crusaders such as Reverend Fred Nile fighting against the Mardi Gras event throughout the 1980s-present time, most politicians have become silent and have seemed to forgotten about the values they once stood for.


One may come to the conclusion that it is all a bit of harmless fun, but that can’t be any more further from the truth. Many would argue that it was oppressive for criminalisation of such activities to have taken place, but if the people of yesteryear were to know what has now transpired 40 years down the line, would they have been so forgiving? As soon as decriminalisation took place, it gave the green-light for everything else to materialise. In the 1989 Queensland election, the National Party Premier Russell Cooper, said that the Australian Labor Party’s policy of decriminalisation of homosexuality would “send a flood of gays crossing the border from the southern states”. It needs to be understood that criminalisation never stopped homosexuals for practicing their lewd activities, all it did was ensure that it was kept behind closed doors, rather than have it promoted and spread throughout the streets. Last time I checked, any heterosexuals that engaged in lewd conduct kept it in private, as they would have been charged with indecent exposure and other offences if they had walked the streets half naked and acted in a degenerate fashion. It is evident that there is a huge double standard being displayed here however when homosexuals attending the Mardi Gras get a free pass with the law.


After the Mardi Gras came into full swing, the AIDS epidemic spread throughout the country. If that wasn’t warning enough that this conduct had consequences, we are still seeing to this day a continual push for LGBT rights. Same sex couples being able to adopt children has to be one of the most extreme things to have ever been allowed to happen. It is a form of child abuse for them to not have both a father and a mother present in their lives, and to promote such rainbow families as normal is an absolute joke. Both males and females provide different roles towards the upbringing of a child. They have differing qualities which ultimately make them the perfect partnership.


Although John Howard amended the 1961 Marriage Act in 2004 to recognise marriage as between a man and a woman, it took nearly 20 attempts in the Senate and a nationwide Plebiscite to overturn it. It was a dark day in Australian history when the result came back as a 61.6% victory for the YES campaign on the 15th November 2017. It proved that many people bought into the emotive victimisation that the left had been portraying, that the corporations involved were able to spend millions of dollars in promoting their causes, and that having a sensible and professional campaign doesn’t win over the people.


The problem we have now is where to from here? One thing that the last 40 years has highlighted is the failure of conservatism to conserve all of the great things that once was. The reason this is, is because there is a major flaw in the ideology in itself. Once conservatives lose what they have been trying to conserve, rather than fight back to regain it they instead let it go and move on to the next thing whilst staying on the defensive. By doing this it ensures they will always at one stage or another be defeated. If this hasn’t woken them up, what will? The slippery slope is real and if they don’t stand up and do something about this, then it is certain that many more deviant practices will be introduced.

The facts are that if one was to look back throughout history they would be able to understand why these events have occurred. Once the act was decriminalised it took the lifestyle out of private homes and placed it into the public domain, where it is now forced upon the people that we are to accept these practices as normal. The boomers back in the day thought that acceptance was all they ever wanted and therefore believed their lies. Their agenda however was soon to be exposed when public indecency became common practice, and the adoption of children by gay couples came into place. The conservatives lost that fight so they jumped to the next hurdle which was civil unions. The LGBT community ensured that they were satisfied with civil unions and that they wouldn’t push for marriage. The people believed them and supported their cause, and before you know it they turned back on their promise and started destroying the sanctity of marriage. So seeing as there is a pattern here, do you think marriage is the last straw and that now they are completely satisfied even though they have full equality before the law in every possible way? Of course this isn’t the case, and both the general public need to wake up from the deceit, and the conservatives need to stop playing the defensive strategy and instead go on the attack in order to reclaim all of the values they once held years ago.

So how is this all related to the Mardi Gras exactly? It is linked because it was the Mardi Gras that first promoted degenerate activities in public. Activities that have the full support of major corporations, our politicians, and the majority of the Australian people. Activities that caused the AIDS epidemic, and to this very day has resulted in 85% of the contaminated being homosexual men. Activities that have led to the introduction of Safe Schools, which has aimed to pervert the most innocent of our citizens. Activities that have led to the gender fluidity phenomena, and the dumbing down of our children by extremist teachers within our education system. Activities that have led to the break up of the family unit, and the condemnation of traditional moral norms that have existed for thousands of years. Activities that will lead to the loss of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of association.


The time has come for the Australian people to take a stand. Ignore the slurs that will be thrown at you by the brain-dead left. Don’t keep playing it safe on the defensive and start to fight back and repeal all of the changes that have negatively impacted society. Although the Australian Conservatives have vowed to overturn the SSM result in future, this simply isn’t good enough. If anyone is to be serious about this, one needs to envision a future that was much like the past many decades ago. Newly elected leader of the Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, once said that “a week never goes by anymore that homosexuals and their sordid behaviour don’t become further entrenched in society”. Where’s the lie though? It is an accurate representation of the situation at hand and is relevant even more so now then it was when he wrote that back in the early 1990’s. Whilst many will be parading and cheering on the worst that society has to offer during the Mardi Gras event, the Unshackled will be present alongside many Christians and patriots in defending St Mary’s Cathedral in the Sydney CBD. In past years vandalism has taken place by LGBT youth, and we aim to take a stand against this sort of behaviour by showing our presence in defending the very thing that made western civilisation great. At the end of the day one thing is certain. By looking at the amount of change that has occurred throughout the last 40 years, it is easy to note that the majority of it has negatively impacted society. What can be done to turn back the tide? The complete termination of the Sydney Mardi Gras. People must no longer be afraid of speaking out, and need to start calling out degeneracy when they see it. If not for their sake, then for the sake of their children and of the nation as a whole. The time for this to happen is now.

(For anyone that is keen on taking a stand against the Mardi Gras, and wants to protect the Cathedral alongside many other Christians and patriots, feel free to come to the Stalwart Bastion event. The Unshackled will be there conducting live interviews. Watch the recap of the 2017 Stalwart Bastion below. We hope to see you at the event this Saturday the 3rd March 2018. Deus Vult)

Damien Ferri

Senior Editor Of The Unshackled

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