Demons Are Real, and We Must Kill Them


When people occasionally have the intellectual curiosity coupled with the cultural innocence to ask me why I believe the seemingly abhorrent things I believe, I invariably answer with something like: “because I am a student of history”. I’m no great scholar, just someone who has asked the question “but WHY?” far too many trillions of times, which has led me through the broad strokes (and sometimes fine detail) of an examination of the origins of what we call Civilisation today.

When you see the present day through the lens of history, when you release yourself from the chronological snobbery of modernity and begin to also ask “what is really important in life?”, then it is hard to remain faithful to the tenets of the religion that is modernity today.

And so I seek Higher Truth in tradition.

This clearly does not mean I wish to abandon the true innovations of modern times (here I am blogging and building an online tribe by virtue of those innovations), by any means, but rather that I wish to fulfil THROUGH those things, those gadgets, those miracles, my Highest Calling, whatever that may be. This journey brought me thence, from that attitude, to the truth of Jesus Christ, the one living, eternal, Son of God, and to the many truths illustrated in the Holy Christian Canon of Scriptures, but also in the traditions and sacraments of the Apostolic Church. Imperfect she may be, fallen she certainly still is, but the Church represents the best efforts of fallen man, ever, to bring together the world under one Holy Divine Truth which is that if we love our God, and we love our neighbour as ourselves (including our worst enemy), then we facilitate miraculous healing in the hearts of all men and women, and we by our own doing (not by a deus ex machina event), with the support and yearnings of our Loving Father God, and his whole host of Angels and Saints, BUILD the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

You would not be able to describe a higher calling. There is none. It is not possible to supersede the greatness of this quest. This is God’s divine Will to which we must align ourselves – to be higher than the angels, and to glorify Him who gave us all this gift of life.

BUT – in this story, which is true, there is a great deceiver. God made him, and made him for this purpose, that we might have an enemy to understand, disavow, and DEFEAT, because the Lord in Heaven is not a dishonest or conniving Gamma like the Devil. Not a coward. God loves the righteous victory for His elect.

And so we see the effects of Good and Evil in the world. No one can deny it. Every word we utter proclaims the notion that things are, but are not as we’d best like them, so we must do something. The very utterance of language demonstrate the will. The will is what separates us from the animals, who live by their very earthly nature, and who are not capable of betraying the natural code which is to use one’s advantages to survive, always at the expense of other living organisms. Species form by trial and error and we see that every ant, every mammal, every bird of a feather flock together. Multiculturalism is an attack on the very natural order that God Himself gave us. We are designed to speciate, and become the Nations, which are so often referred to in the Bible and all other histories, as entities that can – and much more importantly WILL – be judged collectively. This doesn’t change. This is the formation of national identities and stories. We tell our children what happened, and a mythos is formed, based on ideas and shared imaginings, collectivised into cultures.

Here’s where we get to demons.

It seems to me that demons are children of the originators of the rebellion on Earth. There were likely just a handful of them at the beginning, and they manifest in humans as behaviours which pervert us from the Will of the God. They are often categorised as the “Seven Deadly Sins”: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. So perhaps there were seven original demons, perhaps more or fewer, but they have procreated with us and through us since the dawn of conscious, wilful man. But unlike us, they speciate and breed not just materially, but in the higher dimensional realm of ideas; of potentiality. This realm is something a little closer to the perspective of the Godhead. We humans breed through genes. They do too, but only as attachments to our genes, and they also breed through memes. These memes are inherently cultural, and are historically usually confined to a geographical region where these people developed, or to where they migrated. The demons have strengthened and speciated through collective entities (peoples with cultures) like the Romans, and as the Romans conquered, they shared their demons with the world they entered and began breeding and enculturating with. So with all of this cross-contamination, it’s possible that the demons have vastly outbred us and are possibly having their own civil war to scramble for the territory of the human souls and cultures they are harvesting for their Satanic feast.

Degeneracy is the results of a strangle grip of demons upon the souls of the majority of men and women in a society.

God wants us to defeat them. But the real Invisible Enemy is everywhere, there are battlefields raging even within our own individual minds and hearts. This is why we all feel like prisoners here, when we know that there is something that we must do to make this place right. Some are too afraid to do much, but most, even the innocent and afraid, usually breed – following the first commandment God gave us, to be fruitful and multiply. There have been few impulses which come near to that basic instinct in man, thank God!

But the demons saw this advantage, and have build a mimetic superweapon – an ultimate ideological virus, packaged within a carefully designed culture, that can be constructed piece by piece, generation by generation, in concert with the whole demonic horde, to make us like them, instead of like Jesus.

That’s the game.

This is Level One. If we beat the demons, we get out of here, altogether! And unlike the video games, those simulated fantasy lives of a fallen and degenerate world, which drives all of us mad with instantaneous gratification of every possible fantasy, the game that God designed for us is winnable, and also doesn’t get harder with each step through the game, but actually gets more glorious and righteous and holy. The Light ultimately is the source of the Dark, not the other way round as we modernists seem to think. 

So we are on a mission from God, to fight the demons back and cull their population down to as close to zero as we can get. We have to rout them out, branch, stem and root. The roots are those super-demons, the originators, the great demonic mothers and fathers of these multitudinous little perversions we war against.

Each bud in this analogy is a living person, the descendant of an unfathomable network of genetic predecessors, who – like the ants and birds – generated Nations, and within them the cultures that eventually coalesced to form this great, grey super-culture they have been building and calling the “the Greatest Civilisation Man Has Ever Known”!

Globalism, multiculturalism, the abandonment of Christianity and high church tradition, the abandonment of the collective pursuit of virtue (be that in conquest and masculine expressions of greatness, or in artistry, truly divinely inspired cultural values, and the pursuit of goodness, truth and beauty and other feminine expressions), and the creation of institutions to manage and direct the attentions and collective belief structures (often ones that were noble or divine in origin but have since been perverted, such as democracy, fiat currency, public education, pharmaceutical medicine, motion picture entertainment, popular music and radio/television broadcast, public billboards, magazines, streaming netflix series, etc.), these tactics in the broader schema of strategy by the father of all sin, Lucifer, the fallen one, the betrayer of Heaven and Earth, and the ruling Prince of this universe (for now) have led us to the New World Order.

And it’s growing like a terminal cancer, but we are also seeing Logos begin to rise! The transformation I have experienced in my recent years of that pursuit of “what is truly most good?” and “what ought I do?” which has led me to these seemingly abhorrent and antiquated beliefs, is happening to you. And yes I mean YOU. Because you certainly would have gotten very bored and moved on from this article if you weren’t looking to get to the bottom of things (pun intended). The pursuit of truth is one of those great collective actions that have seen civilisations exist in the past which brought glory to God.

But those have never been global civilisations. Those ones get destroyed!

Every tragic attempt for man to spread a monoculture of any kind to the entirety of man, has been destroyed, intentionally, and not without mourning, but certainly with plenty of righteous wrath by our Loving creator. These are the places that, like our noble modern gizmos, have often begun through human ingenuity, curiosity, and the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty, but they have been inverted by the demons riding on their coattails as they seek to consume the hearts and souls of God’s beloved creatures.

The first “world” of man was flooded and completely annihilated by God, save for the one pure family whom he saved. Genetically and morally as perfect as could be brought forth from the utterly depraved and lecherous descendants of Adam, Noah and his family were able to inbreed without immediate genetic consequences, but over dozens of generations, the lifespan of man decreased from the millennium-about lifespan of Noah and his children, down to a measly, sickly, tragic century-about. But it’s what we’ve got to work with, and we do it with God! We have the loving Creator Father of the universe, and His only begotten Son, and his powerful guiding Spirit doing the battling with us in our hearts! There is no greater advantage, and the demons cannot steal that one from us – only we can reject it.

We have each other, we have our gene-pool, we have our traditions, we have our culture which was built to glorify Jesus Christ and is still extant in our hearts. It is the yearning in the heart of all men and women who have not completely surrendered to their demons – for they do not die, but in fact they live among us, breeding just as much as ever, and now genociding us who hold the last vestiges of God-given Light.

So we are called, one and all, to be Champions of the Light. We must each to a man fight his own demons like there is no tomorrow, because, my brothers and sisters, we are currently close to rock bottom.

Just as Humanity 1.0 was drowned, so did God see fit to destroy the Tower of Babel, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, Byzantium, the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, British, and US Empires, and certainly in the future, the now-rising Chinese Empire. All of these recent Empires rose at the permission and fell at the behest of the now prevalent global Jewish Empire. It’s a real thing, and it’s not hatred or conspiracy theory to say so, it’s just that different racial & cultural groups leverage different advantages so we don’t always recognise the Empires we are trapped within.

The Jewish Empire is one built and maintained upon the slavery of other races. This has been at times overt and manifested in the shipping of African Slaves to the Americas, for one example, or is more covert, as in the modern method of Global Fiat Finance. The money (Mammon) system is the MIMETIC SUPERDEMON which has emerged with the culmination of this swarming super-population of demons that are prevailing against us all individually and collectively, guided by the Satanic emergence of what is currently called Judaism, but was originally the rejection and murder of Jesus Christ, the living incarnate Son of God. This guiding force is the prime motivator behind the acceleration of globalisation, and the normalisation of all sin. It is the tipping of the Christian nations into a world which now glorifies the murder of babies and treats it as a sacrosanct right that every “empowered”, lustful woman, and every weak, abdicating shell of a demon-possessed man, can and must experience to complete their collective cultural descent into the modern equivalent to Sodom and Gomorrah.

To anyone who isn’t already clutching their pearls and calling the ADL at this point, I’m sure you already see that this is not in any way an attempt to demonise the Jewish people, neither religiously nor ethnically, for we are all demonised. Our culture is demonised. Every living man, woman and child is DEMONISED! Literally. And we have a responsibility to help each other un-demonise. But this can’t be a “kum-ba-ya” global effort, as we’ve seen. Different peoples are at different operating levels, and have different talents, which are also connected to place. We are nations borne of time, land, and an emergent bio-spirit. Our bio-spirits, be we black, white, Jew, Asian, Aboriginal, what have you, belong in a land. It is unique derived not only of a people, but of the conditions faced by that people in a particular place. God made the terrains and climates of the world diverse that the Nations would also emerge diverse, for our diversity pleases the Lord where our many unique cultures seek to glorify Him and follow his commandments. We can be united in faith in Jesus without needing to be uniform in our expressions of that faith. Even within the Orthodox church, this is understood, and the various national expressions of Orthodoxy have their unique peculiarities, signatures of their national cultures and identities, without straying from the essential, catholic faith.

The demons saw this diversity too, and attacked it. They scattered us all and then told us that “diversity is our strength” while we were all forced to try and make sense of a rootless cosmopolitan global culture which seemed to aim to destroy God’s given diversity and replace with an inverted, satanic, unstable, and ultimately genocidal form of false diversity.

All along, while the nations scattered and scrambled, the Jews knew their place. It was Jerusalem, and the lands that belonged to their conquering forefathers. They have felt, though scattered for millennia by the competing demon-possessed civilisations, that Jerusalem is their sacred right, and Israel would be theirs again. And they got it! They got it back! It took so long, and so many committed generations and so much ruthless determination and high in-group preference, but they managed to leverage all their advantages, different as they may be from ours, to reconquer the Holy City and create the new state of Israel. We can rightly recognise the brilliance of the Jewish people, though we may naturally abhor the tactics they have used when we have learned to recognise their modern manifestations through that lens of history and that higher spiritual understanding given to us by the Church of Jesus Christ. 

I married a woman who is half-Jewish, raised by a English ex-Catholic mother and a Jewish immigrant father, who was was raised in the environment of a Christian nation, and is one of the most Godly men I’ve ever know, as he stands by his family and loves and serves us all dependably.

My wife is the most amazingly powerful demon-slayer I have ever encountered. She shines the light of Christ’s love for us on all who she meets, and she is adored and revered by so many that I would not be surprised if she is one day a canonised Saint. That’s how impressive she is. There is no doubt in my mind at all that my sons have inherited some of those Jewish demons, just as they will certainly inherit the demons that I have carried from my fathers (one of my great-grandfathers was a high ranking Freemason and a truly evil man), and we humans all together share an increasing attachment to the wild swarm that is this demonic superculture.

If we want to succeed in these dark times, the most important thing we can do is recognise our own demons, as well as our neighbours’, and learn to use the advantages that we have toward our own freedom from this demonic superculture. It’s not enough to merely #WalkAway from the Democrat voting tendencies of your race. We need to walk away from Democracy – or as I like to call it, Demoncracy. History demonstrates time and time again that it is a destined disaster, second only in tragedy to the inescapable hell-scape of Communism. These are the demonic political structures and we must trust in the God-given hierarchy, demonstrated by Sovereignty, and felt in the hearts of all men who desire to be led, & not simply to be the master of their own pathetic fate. Those men who are looking for leaders to speak on their behalf, to fight for them, to bleed for them, and to speak the truth in love, and bring about a new age for our people (just ours, not everyone’s).

This movement towards the Logos of our Loving Creator God and His Will being done on Earth (by us as His children) can and ultimately will be shared by all the races, all the tribes, all the cultures. But we are commanded to proclaim its certainty, and our expectancy for it now, because it is that shared vision and the Light that emerges in our hearts when we embark on this mission from God in lockstep together as Nations and Tribes, unified under the grandeur of an Almighty Lord that is the meme that kills demons. It’s called the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It destroys all demons that it touches, but there are so many that it requires the efforts of the Holy Spirit, which is available to us all, if we only ask for help. If we insist on being the master of our own destiny and yearnings the demons will consume us.

So men of Christ, be Champions for that Light, and start winning the good fight with your own demons above all else. When you have victory, though you may stumble, you now have confidence as does a soldier after his first battle, and a renewed faith which has more power to heal and spread, in order that it might help others to accelerate this process and bring the Glory of Lord Jesus and His hope to all. That High Calling we talked about earlier. With that confidence of even a little victory over some of the many demons who haunt you, you have divine authority to aid others who are deeper in the cesspool of hell-spawn than you are. We must climb and take others with us. They can rise in our wakes. And each of us follow the men and women we admire who are rich in Logos, as do they, as do they, as do they… until we find our God-chosen Sovereigns; the Kings and Emperors of those less gadgety, somewhat more enlightened times I like to read about.

Join our community at Champions of the Light to be part of the burgeoning movement to restore the divinely-ordained Patriarchy, and start slaying those demons. Deus vult!

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